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Restore & enhance

your appearance

at b clinic

We are a predominantly doctor-only clinic

We have been specialising in non-surgical cosmetic rejuvenation & enhancement injectable treatments for more than 21 years. During your free, no-obligation consultation your doctor will assess your unique facial structure and facial expressions as well as discuss your personal concerns and aesthetic goals. A tailored plan will then be formulated to create an outcome that is uniquely and beautifully ‘you’.

Over 21 years Experience

b clinic’s skilled practitioners achieve natural looking results, resulting in subtle enhancement and leave you looking refreshed.

After a treatment, people may remark that you look healthier or well rested without knowing why.

Meet Our Team

Lee 0Q5A1308

Dr Lee Lua

Founder & Creative Director, Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS FRACGP

Elle 0Q5A0413

Dr Elle Bolster

Cosmetic Doctor,

Mitch 0Q5A1360

Dr Mitch Evans

Cosmetic Doctor,

Frank 0Q5A0934

Dr Frank Mallawaarachchi

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS AAAM

Luke 0Q5A1007

Dr Luke

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS

Annmarie 0Q5A0788

Dr Ann-Marie Almeida

Cosmetic Doctor,

Marian 0Q5A0296

Marian Ferguson

Cosmetic Injector
Registered Nurse

Jess 0Q5A0677

Jess Fett

Registered Nurse
Laser Technician

Salena 0Q5A3681

Selina Fazldeen

Dermal Nurse, EEN

Sandra 0Q5A0566

Sandra Petty

Practice Manager


Customer Service Team