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Anti-Wrinkle/Muscle Relaxant Treatments

Anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections are used to relax the muscles causing facial wrinkles. Over time, repeated muscle movements cause deep facial folds to form. By relaxing these muscles, anti-wrinkle injections achieve a younger-looking, rejuvenated appearance. These treatments can successfully smooth wrinkles caused by muscle movement and even prevent these lines from worsening over time.

Anti-wrinkle/ muscle relaxant prices at a glance:

Suitable to treat: crow’s feet, frown lines, horizontal lines, gummy smile, chin dimpling, jaw slimming/teeth clenching, bunny scrunch and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

1 area $260

2 areas $460 SAVE $60

3 areas $640 SAVE $140

Minimum 46-60 units per area. No additional cost if top-up required on review. * See T&C’s for full details.

1/2 area $150

Small area $110

Jaw slimming from $520

Hyperhidrosis from $760


Dermal Filler Treatments 

Dermal fillers are formulated to give you an instantly rejuvenated appearance.

They can fill in fine lines and wrinkles, replace lost volume due to ageing or even augment features you don’t have, like adding cheekbones, definition to a chin, or changing the shape of your nose! Dermal fillers can leave you with a refreshed, younger-looking appearance or enhance the shape of a facial feature.

Dermal filler prices at a glance:

Suitable for: Lips, perioral area, nasolabial folds, midface, jawline, wrinkles and scars.

1ml from $550

2ml from $990

3ml from $1,485

When it comes to advanced dermal filler treatments such as temples, nose, and tear troughs, your practitioner will conduct a total face assessment during your free consultation and provide you with a customised quote. This allows your practitioner to create a bespoke treatment plan based on your aesthetic needs and desires. There may be an additional cost for these more complex areas that involve a higher level of risk and, therefore, a more advanced level of practitioner skill.

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