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Dr Lee Lua

Founder & Creative Director
Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS FRACGP

“Basically, I’m a people person.”

An accomplished surgeon for more than two decades, Dr Lee Lua was first educated in Singapore. He went on to the University of Queensland and graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. He worked as an orthopaedic surgeon for nearly a decade and loved the work he did, but was eager to work with people in a more connected and personal way.

It was a professional conference in Sydney that illuminated his path.


From Career to Calling

Immediately after attending a series of lectures on cosmetic surgery, Dr Lua began training in the field that he did not yet realise would become his specialty. As he mastered the art and science of his new craft, he discovered that cosmetic surgery was his calling. He became a cosmetic doctor in 1999 and has never looked back.

Dr Lua’s passion lies in restoring and enhancing natural facial beauty with the full range of rejuvenation strategies available, not just surgery. He is constantly amazed at rapid advancements in injecting techniques and is proud to offer his patients the latest minimally invasive options, as well as surgical options to renew and restore their beauty.


Gifted Hands, Warm Heart, Open Mind

Dr Lua is known for his deft hand with cosmetic injectables and for procedures that deliver the youthful, fresh and natural-looking results his patients desire.

Because people know what they want and need to be heard, he considers listening to be an essential part of his job. His goal is to enlighten them about the options available and work collaboratively to determine the best way to proceed.

Dr Lua is always eager to learn. He enjoys it when patients tell him about new procedures they’ve heard about and takes pride in being extremely receptive to emerging techniques. He often feels his colleagues would do well to be a little more open-minded in their thinking too.

When time permits, Dr Lua jogs, cycles, and reads—especially cookbooks. He believes that food brings people together and enjoys being chief chef at his house, with a special affection for Italian cuisine.