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PDO Thread Lift

MINT PDO Threads is the latest innovation in facial lifting without surgery.

A PDO Thread Lift can make your skin look firmer and smoother by subtly lifting sagging skin and revolumising the face without the need for surgery. It stimulates ongoing collagen and elastin production in the deeper layers of the skin while providing an instant, rejuvenating and contouring effect. 

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    Starting from $2400

Non-Surgical Thread Lift Procedure

MINT PDO threadlift procedure promotes collagen stimulation and neovascularisation to improve skin texture, fine lines, and elasticity. You’ll see an immediate improvement, with results getting better over time due to increased collagen production. It’s an excellent option for people looking to achieve instant and natural-looking results without the risks and downtime of surgery.

Who Is Suitable For This Treatment?

If you’re concerned about mild to moderate skin laxity, sagging, or sun-damaged skin, you could be a suitable candidate for a thread lift treatment. This non-surgical facelift procedure is suitable for women and men of all ages. It provokes a strong collagen-boosting effect and can make a noticeable improvement to the jowls, jawline, cheeks, and other areas. 

What to Expect

A PDO Thread Lift is a minimally-invasive alternative to a facelift. By placing dissolvable sutures into the deeper layers of your skin, your practitioner can lift and tighten the skin without the need for deep incisions.

On the day of the thread lift treatment, your practitioner will cleanse the area to be treated before applying a local anaesthetic. Cannulas are then inserted into the skin before the PDO barbed threads are applied.

The absorbable lifting threads are made from polydioxanone, a dissolvable polymer that has been safely used in medical procedures for decades. Once the threads are inserted, they act as anchors to lift the skin. Any excess thread is cut off once the skin has been contoured into place. 

The PDO threads lift your skin, but the procedure also stimulates a powerful collagen-boosting response within the body. The tissue around the threads is flooded with new collagen and elastin, strengthening the skin and making it look smoother, firmer, and more youthful. 

Once the cannulas are removed, the PDO threads procedure is complete. You’ll be able to go back to work and social activities immediately. Unlike a surgical facelift, there is no extended downtime or bandages required. 

The entire PDO Thread Lift treatment takes around one hour. 

Which Areas Can Be Treated With a PDO Thread Lift?

PDO Thread Lifts are a versatile treatment that can be used to improve the appearance of loose skin, fine lines, and wrinkles in multiple areas of the face, including:

  • Jawline
  • Jowls
  • Under-eye area
  • Cheeks
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Smile lines
  • Neck

The treatment is particularly effective for the cheeks and lower face. You can combine PDO threads with other treatments like dermal fillers and Ultherapy for a complete facial skin rejuvenation. 

When Will I See Results?

You’ll see an immediate contouring effect and improvement to skin laxity following a PDO thread treatment. Results will continue to improve over the next 8-12 weeks as the body produces more collagen and elastin. You’ll be able to see the final results around two months after treatment, with the effects lasting for up to 12 months. 

Is There Any Downtime?

There is no extended downtime after a thread lift procedure. You may experience mild swelling and bruising, but most people go straight back to their regular routine. 

Your practitioner will provide aftercare instructions on what to do following your PDO threads treatment. It’s important not to rub or irritate the treated skin.

For the first few days, you should avoid strenuous exercise and saunas. Your practitioner may also advise you to avoid sleeping on your side for the first-week post-treatment.

How Long Does a PDO Thread Lift Last?

Results from a PDO Thread Lift are long-lasting. The body will absorb the actual PDO threads around 6 months after the treatment. However, the increase in collagen production can last for 12 months or longer, depending on your metabolism, lifestyle, and other factors. 

Can I Make Results Last Longer?

The longevity of results for thread lift procedures depends on your age, metabolism, and how your body reacts to the procedure. After 6 months, the body will fully absorb the PDO threads material, and collagen production will start to slow down. 

You can extend treatment results by adopting a good skincare regime and a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to avoid excessive sun exposure, and smoking as both can break down the new collagen fibres formed around the PDO threads.

How To Prepare for a Thread Lift?

You’ll be provided with pre-treatment instructions during your initial consultation. Your practitioner will ask you about any medical conditions or medications you take that could affect treatment outcomes. 

You should stop taking blood-thinning medication and anti-inflammatory drugs one week before treatment. Your practitioner will also advise you to avoid alcohol consumption for 48 hours pre-treatment to minimise the risk of side effects. 

Is a Thread Lift Procedure Painful?

PDO threads are not considered painful. A topical anaesthetic is used to numb the treatment area before cannulas are inserted into the skin. As with all injectables, you may experience mild discomfort and stinging as the local anaesthetic is applied. 

The PDO threads are inserted using specially designed cannulas to minimise discomfort and pain around the injection sites. You may experience some mild bruising and soreness for a few days post-procedure. You can use makeup to disguise any signs of treatment and use over the counter pain relief if required. 

Are PDO Threads Safe?

PDO Thread Lifts are a safe treatment that has been performed hundreds of thousands of times in Australia and worldwide. It’s a minimally invasive alternative to a facelift that doesn’t involve any of the risks of surgery and general anaesthetic. 

When Is the Right Time To Have a Thread Lift Treatment?

The right time to have a PDO Thread Lift depends on your unique skin concerns. It’s an effective treatment for mild to moderate facial ageing and skin laxity.

The best way to know if a PDO Thread Lift is right for you is to book a free consultation with one of our skin experts here at b clinic. They’ll advise you on the best treatment plan for your individual skin concerns. 

For people with severe facial ageing, facelift surgery may be the better option to lift sagging skin and help you achieve your desired treatment outcomes. 

Can a PDO Thread Lift be Combined With Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

PDO threads provide impressive results as a standalone treatment or in combination with other procedures, including anti-wrinkle injections. 

While a PDO Thread Lift rejuvenates and thickens the skin by boosting collagen production, Anti Wrinkle Injections address the overactive muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles to form. 

A combination of a PDO Thread Lift and Anti Wrinkle Injections can improve skin texture and tone while eliminating and preventing wrinkles and folds. 

Possible Risks and Complications

A thread lift is a low-risk skin tightening treatment. It involves none of the risks of surgery, but you should be aware of the potential side effects and complications. 

It’s not unusual to experience mild, temporary swelling and bruising in the treated area. You may also feel some soreness and discomfort around the injection sites. 

There is a risk of an allergic reaction to the PDO thread material in rare cases. It’s also possible the threads cause temporary lumps under the skin. As with all injectable procedures, there is also a small risk of infection. 

It’s important to attend a consultation with your practitioner before a PDO Thread Lift. They will inform you of what to expect following treatment and during the recovery process. Choosing an experienced clinician will also minimise the risk of any unwanted side effects. 

How Much Does a PDO Thread Lift cost?

A PDO Thread Lift is a faster and more affordable alternative to a surgical facelift. You can achieve enhanced skin texture and address facial ageing with little to no downtime.

The cost of a PDO Thread Lift starts at $2400. Schedule a free consultation with one of our team of skin experts today to find out if you’re a good candidate for this treatment.