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Your eyes speak volumes

We’ve all been there. We feel youthful and energetic, then we catch a glimpse in the mirror, and the appearance of our eyes doesn’t seem to match. 

b clinic’s Founder and Creative Director, Dr Lee Lua explains that as we get older, one of the most common external signs of ageing is the hollowing of our upper eyelids, leaving us look more tired and older than we feel. 

“Addressing these concerns isn’t just about erasing years. It’s about restoring vibrancy and reviving vitality. At the heart of my approach lies the art of rejuvenation to correct the subtle nuances that contribute to the look often associated with ageing. From combating facial hollowing to addressing skin laxity, my methods can help restore a refreshed and youthful look,” says Dr Lee. 

So, what causes upper eyelid hollowing?

The development of asymmetry and hollowing in the upper eyelids stems from a reduction of bone and soft tissue volume. This loss of volume is typically attributed to ageing or can be due to genetic factors.

Dr Lee explains, “This hollowing can create a sunken appearance in the eyes and cause a skeletal look, potentially making an individual appear unwell or older than their actual age. Fortunately, we can correct asymmetry caused by volume loss through advanced dermal filler injectable techniques, which work to add fullness back into the eye socket, giving the area a more rejuvenated and fresh look.” 

What is the procedure, and what does it involve?

The condition is commonly referred to as an “A-Frame” deformity, which describes the A-shaped appearance of the upper eyelid framing the eye. More specifically, it refers to the less-than-desirable hollowing effect of the eyelid and eye socket. The Upper Eyelid Filler treatment is an ideal solution for this. It involves restoring volume to the upper eyelids, reducing the tired and gaunt look.

As great as this procedure can be, it is paramount to understand that this is a highly delicate area of the face, and only the most skilled and experienced practitioners should perform it. Dr Lee emphasises the importance of a thorough consultation and assessment before the procedure. 

He says, “The consultation is the most critical step. You first need to understand whether or not you are a suitable candidate. Still, even more importantly, your practitioner needs to craft a personalised plan that will achieve your individual needs and desired look. If you are concerned about the appearance of your upper eyelids or heavy brows, I recommend you book a free consultation.”

During the procedure, a cannula and dermal filler are used to treat and correct the concerns in the eye area. 

Working with the highest quality of dermal filler, Dr Lee utilises a blunt cannula to safely and cautiously deliver the dermal filler product into the fat pad above the upper eyelid. 

Dr Lee said, “As we age, our eyebrows can lose their structural support, causing them to appear heavy. If needed, I will strategically inject the dermal filler product into the brow bone area during the upper eyelid filler treatment to provide support and structure. This will add projection and height to the eyebrows, resulting in a more youthful appearance.” 

How many treatments are required, and how long do results last 

It’s perfectly normal for clients to undergo 1-3 treatments to effectively address the hollow appearance in the eye area and reach their desired results.

Dr Lee says: “I approach each procedure with precision and caution, ensuring that I enhance and correct your natural facial features without producing an overdone effect. At our clinic, we also offer our clients complimentary follow-up appointments, which are scheduled three months following their first treatment to ensure the quality of the results are as desired and make any further adjustments if needed.”

The final results of the procedure can last anywhere from a year and a half to two years, providing excellent longevity. 

What are the benefits of this procedure?

The Upper Eyelid Filler treatment has a variety of benefits. 

Not only does it refine your upper eyelids and improve symmetry, but it also revitalises your overall appearance, which many of us know can do wonders for our self-confidence. 

Despite the many benefits, not all candidates are suited for this treatment. 

Dr Lee says, “Individuals with drooping eyelids or eyelid ptosis, which results in excessive skin laxity, are not suitable candidates for this procedure. Because of this, I encourage clients to book a free consultation so we can properly assess their individual needs. I really want to stress the importance of having only an experienced medical professional with advanced expertise in dermal filler treatments perform this treatment. It is a highly specialised technique that requires careful consideration of individual needs and in-depth knowledge.” 

So, what are the costs associated with this procedure?

At b clinic, our foundational values are anchored in prioritising our clients’ well-being. We are dedicated to crafting personalised treatment plans that address every aspect of our client’s health, including their physical, emotional, social, and financial needs. We pride ourselves on offering transparent and expert advice.

Book a free consultation with Dr Lee or Dr Frank today to learn more about this treatment and to find out whether you are a suitable candidate.