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Chin Enhancement

The chin has a major impact on how youthful and balanced the rest of the face appears. As we age, the chin can become less defined and well-proportioned.

If you feel your chin and jawline is not quite in balance with the rest of your face or is recessive and weak, dermal filler chin augmentation can improve its symmetry and reshape your lower face, which may enhance your appearance.

  • Chin Enhancement
    with 1ml Dermal Filler.
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Treating the Chin

A chin augmentation treatment can change the contours of your chin with dermal fillers. These injections add volume under the skin to make the chin appear more prominent or increase its definition. 

Chin enhancement using dermal fillers can subtly change the look of the lower face and rejuvenate your entire appearance. It can make the chin more chiselled – a common request from male clients – or create softer contours, as requested by many women.

Who Is Suitable for This Treatment?

Candidates for chin augmentation treatments are adults who want to change the contours of their chins. Whether your chin has become less prominent due to ageing or weight fluctuations, has never been as chiselled as you would like or has asymmetries you’d like to correct, chin enhancement injections may be right for you. 

This treatment is appropriate for most adult men and women who are in good overall health. 


Typical Results

You can see immediate results following your treatment. After chin fillers, you’ll be able to leave the clinic. 

The results continue to improve as the chin filler product settles over the next two weeks. 

Reshape Your Lower Face

Chin fillers are the best non-surgical way to improve the shape of the chin and lower face. 

You can achieve a more feminine v-shape or create a more masculine chin and jaw. 

Chin filler can help both men and women achieve a look that compliments their facial features and profile. 


Restore lost volume in the lower face to address sagging and rejuvenate your chin and jaw. 

By replacing volume and boosting collagen production, chin fillers help to reverse and prevent visible signs of ageing. 

Improve Facial Symmetry

Facial symmetry is key to how we perceive beauty. 

Chin dermal filler treatments can correct asymmetry and restore balance to your facial proportions. 

A stronger and more defined chin can improve the appearance of your entire face.

What to Expect

Your chin can be enhanced during a clinic visit that typically lasts less than an hour.

The injected material fills in skin volume from inside, plumping the area and changing the contour of your chin.

Several types of injectable dermal filler products are commonly used for chin enhancements.

Fillers come in a few different types; semi-permanent and non-permanent. By far, the most common is non-permanent because its effects are temporary and can be easily reversed. 

Each filler differs in the exact manner in which it builds up volume under the skin and the length of time it remains in the chin.

The effects of chin enhancement with non-permanent filler typically last up to 6 months. 

Over time, your chin will gradually revert to its pre-treatment appearance. As a result, many clients opt for continuing with treatments to maintain their enhanced chin.

Your practitioner will recommend the type and brand of filler that’s best for you.

First, a topical anaesthetic cream may be applied, or it may be included with the filler material when injected.

Next, a thin needle is used to deliver small injections of the filler into pre-selected locations along your chin.

By using multiple small injections, the dermal filler can be distributed evenly to achieve a symmetrical and natural-looking result.

Clients can return home or go back to work immediately after the treatment. There is minimal downtime required. 

Over time, the body absorbs the injected filler, returning the chin to its pre-treatment appearance. For this reason, many clients choose to undergo a follow-up treatment. 

What Does Chin Filler Help With?

Chin fillers are a versatile treatment that can improve a range of concerns.

As part of the natural ageing process, we lose bone density and soft tissue in the face. Chin fillers can replace this structural support to help address skin laxity and sagging in the lower face. 

Chin augmentation can also improve the chin’s size, length, and symmetry to balance the facial features. Many people choose to have chin fillers to augment the projection of the lower face and achieve a more defined chin and jawline

Your clinician will assess the area during your free consultation and discuss your desired treatment outcomes to see if you are a good candidate for chin fillers. 

Where Is Chin Filler Injected?

The location of chin filler injections will depend on the desired treatment outcomes. 

For clients that want to achieve a more defined contour of the chin and jawline, the dermal filler is usually placed in the centre of the chin. This can achieve a more feminine v-shape of the lower face. 

To achieve a more masculine look, dermal filler is placed strategically along the chin and jawline to square the lower face.

How Do I Prepare for Non-Surgical Chin Enhancement?

There is very little preparation required for chin filler injections. You should avoid alcohol consumption for 24 hours before the chin filler procedure, as this can increase the risk of bruising. 

If you take any supplements or medications that could increase the risk of side effects, you should stop taking them or consult your doctor. This can include vitamin E, fish oils, aspirin, and ibuprofen. 

What Is the Best Filler for the Chin?

There is a range of dermal filler products that can be used for chin augmentation. The best filler for the chin will depend on the results you want to achieve. Your clinician will examine the area and discuss the different options at your initial consultation. Generally, thicker fillers work best for the chin and jawline.

How Long Will Chin Filler Results Last?

The longevity of results from chin fillers depends on your metabolism, lifestyle, and the type of filler product used. For most people, you can expect your non-surgical chin augmentation to last for 9-12 months.

Your clinician may recommend a follow-up treatment 6 months after your initial chin filler injections to maintain your results. 

What Happens When Chin Fillers Wear Off?

Over time, the dermal filler product is naturally absorbed by the body. You will need to repeat the chin filler treatment to maintain your desired results. 

Chin fillers do not make the area look worse when they wear off. If you choose not to have follow-up chin augmentation injections, the area will return to its pre-treatment appearance. 

How Will I Look After Chin Fillers?

You will be able to see an immediate improvement after your chin filler treatment. As with all cosmetic injectables, there will be some mild redness and swelling. These side effects should subside within 2 days of treatment. 

Over the next couple of weeks, the chin fillers will settle, and you will be able to see the full treatment results. Your clinician will assess the results during your follow-up consultation and see if further chin filler is required to achieve optimal results.

Are Dermal Filler Injections Painful?

Chin filler injections are not painful. A local anaesthetic may be applied before the treatment or included with the dermal filler product. You may experience pressure as the chin filler is applied, but little to no pain. 

Is There Any Downtime?

There is little to no downtime after chin filler injections. Non-surgical chin augmentation is a low-risk procedure with minimal side effects.

All risks and potential complications will be discussed during your complimentary consultation with your treating practitioner.

As with all dermal filler treatments, you may experience redness and swelling around the injection sites. These side effects should only last for 24-72 hours after chin fillers. 

Your chin may feel sore and tender for a few days. If you follow the aftercare instructions provided by your clinician, your chin fillers should settle within 2 weeks of treatment. 

How Long Is the Chin Filler Procedure?

The exact duration of the chin filler procedure will depend on the results you want to achieve and the number of injections and amount of filler required. For most people, non-surgical chin augmentation takes around 30 minutes.

After the chin filler injections, you can apply make-up and immediately get back to your regular routine.

How Long Does Chin Filler Take To Settle?

You will be able to see an immediate improvement after your dermal filler treatment. It takes around 2 weeks for the filler product to settle. During this time, any swelling or redness will also subside. You’ll be able to see the full effects when you visit the clinic for your treatment review.

Does Chin Filler Slim Your Face?

Chin fillers can make the face appear slimmer by sculpting the chin for a more feminine v-shape. It can also be an effective way to reduce the appearance of a cleft or double chin. 

The treatment can be combined with anti-wrinkle injections to achieve a more dramatic facial slimming. The anti-wrinkle injections relax the masseter muscles in the jaw, while the dermal filler adds definition for a more streamlined and slim appearance. 

Can Filler in Chin Move?

Dermal filler should not move once it has been injected. Your clinician may recommend that you gently massage the area following treatment to prevent any lumps from forming. You will also be provided with aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of the filler migrating away from the desired area.

Possible Risks and Complications

All risks and potential complications will be discussed during your complimentary consultation with your treating practitioner. It is common to experience some degree of swelling, redness, and tenderness after dermal filler injections.

Bruising may also occur. These side effects usually last less than two days, and they can be camouflaged with makeup.

Serious complications are rare but can include infections or an allergic reaction to the injected material.

A less serious (but still distressing) complication can occur if the injected filler migrates away from the injection site, gathering into bumps or lumps beneath the skin.

Usually, these lumps can be massaged to redistribute the filler. In some cases, they remain until the body absorbs the filler.

To reduce this possibility, avoid touching or rubbing your chin in the week following dermal filler injections.

How Much Does Chin Augmentation Cost?

Chin enhancement injections begin at $550.

If you are looking for a more dramatic change in the contour of your chin, more product may be needed.

Schedule a free consultation visit to discuss your aesthetic goals and receive a quote that takes into account your treatment details.