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About Us

One of Australia’s top medical cosmetic clinics

Our History

The founder and Creative Director of b clinic, Dr Lee Lua, established his first Medical Cosmetic clinic, Renew You, in 2001.

Dr Lua’s many years of experience focusing on cosmetic injectable treatments gave him an awareness of what is important to our clients. Dr Lua has brought together a team of highly trained practitioners who specialise in non-surgical cosmetic treatments and deliver quality services backed by top-notch client care.

Since founding b clinic in 2010, we have received outstanding positive media attention, and are considered to be one of Australia’s top medical cosmetic clinics.

High Quality

The process begins with a complimentary consultation, offered to all new clients. If you want to learn more about any of these treatments, schedule your consultation visit today.

We provide results-driven treatments using superior products. We never dilute them, to ensure the best, longest-lasting results for our patients. When it comes to muscle relaxants, for example, we charge by the area rather than by the volume of product needed…

Meet Our Team

Lee 0Q5A1308

Dr Lee Lua

Founder & Creative Director, Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS FRACGP

Elle 0Q5A0413

Dr Elle Bolster

Cosmetic Doctor,

Mitch 0Q5A1360

Dr Mitch Evans

Cosmetic Doctor,

Frank 0Q5A0934

Dr Frank Mallawaarachchi

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS AAAM

Luke 0Q5A1007

Dr Luke

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS

Annmarie 0Q5A0788

Dr Ann-Marie Almeida

Cosmetic Doctor,

Marian 0Q5A0296

Marian Ferguson

Cosmetic Injector
Registered Nurse

Jess 0Q5A0677

Jess Fett

Registered Nurse
Laser Technician

Salena 0Q5A3681

Selina Fazldeen

Dermal Nurse, EEN

Sandra 0Q5A0566

Sandra Petty

Practice Manager


Customer Service Team

About Us

If you want to improve your appearance in some way, shape, or form, b clinic can help you look and feel your best. We provide a wide range of medical cosmetic procedures to address any cosmetic concerns you might have.

Our Philosophy

At b clinic we are extremely passionate about making our patients look and feel incredible! We’ve all worked for years to figure out how to achieve the secret to facial assessment.

What We Offer

Our treatment offerings include a combination of non-surgical cosmetic treatments to enhance and rejuvenate your appearance.