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Injectables in the City: A Proactive Approach to Prevention

Driven by a passion cultivated over years of dedicated practice, b clinic’s Brisbane City clinic practitioners, Dr. Elle and Dr Ann-Marie are at the forefront of reshaping the narrative in aesthetic treatment. Leading the charge towards preserving youthful radiance early on.

Starting Young: Prevention, Not Controversy

Injectables for prevention may sound unconventional, but Dr Elle and Dr Ann-Marie dismantle the often-confusing debate surrounding this idea. It’s not about drastic changes or extreme enhancements, which is where many of the myths stem from. Instead, it’s a strategic and proactive method of preserving youthful looks.

Dr Elle understands the concerns surrounding starting young, especially when it comes to noticeable enhancements.

“Arguments that people should wait as long as possible to start injectable treatments are almost always rooted in misconceptions.”

She points out, “The criticism tends to arise when individuals opt for extreme changes that deviate from their natural features. It’s not about the age at which you start; it’s about the mindset you adopt and the choices you make along the way,” emphasises Dr Elle.

Starting injectable treatments young is an investment in a sustainable, long-term aesthetic journey. It’s essential to differentiate between enhancements and maintenance.

Dr Ann-Marie shares this sentiment and has found that early prevention provides the best future solutions.

“Treating frown and forehead lines with muscle relaxant from an early stage works best and is particularly effective at reversing the depth of the lines.

It also tends to have the best results for keeping the areas looking more youthful and line free for longer, with the appropriate maintenance,” she said.

Beauty is more than skin deep

The concept of maintenance takes centre stage at Brisbane City Clinic.

Clients collaborate with both practitioners to identify potential areas of concern and to keep their youthful appearance before things change, rather than coming in later and trying to reverse signs of ageing.

One major factor that comes into play for clients is genetics, which are a great indicator of what one should expect to see on their own appearance.

Dr Elle acknowledges the genetic predisposition to certain concerns.

“We tend to mimic not just the physical traits but also the emotional expressions of our family. Preventative aesthetics involve understanding these patterns and tailoring treatments accordingly.

Your family’s emotional expressions often leave a blueprint on your skin. Smile lines, frown lines, and forehead wrinkles may have a familial pattern and we can look at these as a guide in prevention,” she notes.

“It’s not uncommon for someone to walk in and say, ‘My mum has this,’ or ‘My sister is starting to deal with that.

Free consultations provide a safe space to address these concerns. But it’s not just about identifying issues; it’s about co-creating a plan that aligns with your goals and addresses your concerns based on familial indicators” she says.

Dr Ann-Marie also stresses the importance of educating clients on what to expect from the ageing process before treatment.

“I like to educate my clients on the changes that occur with each decade of ageing and I then examine what changes have already happened.

This allows me to advise my clients about what the most suitable treatment is for their concerns and allows me to come up with a proactive plan for prevention,” she said.

Younger individuals who are expressing concerns about ageing and familial trends are encouraged to book in a free consultation where they can get personalised plans that prioritise prevention.

A holistic approach to intervention

Starting injectable treatments younger is about adopting a holistic approach. This means getting lower doses for longer, which is not only easier for maintenance but also creates a well-rounded aesthetic journey.

Dr Elle emphasises that it’s not merely about halting the aging process but about embracing a lifestyle that fosters long-term results.

“It’s not just about fixing isolated issues; we want to create a comprehensive and sustainable plan for overall well-being,” she says.

Breaking away from conventional norms, Dr. Elle not only supports, but encourages a growing trend–the increasing interest in neck treatment.

As she champions this approach, she emphasises a fundamental reminder:

“The face doesn’t stop at your chin, and therefore it is often equally important to also address this area when looking at preventative injectables.”

This forward-thinking perspective underscores the importance of comprehensive treatments that extend to the neck, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious aesthetic outcome.

The Key to Unlocking Success is Understanding The Client

Dr Ann-Marie expresses the importance of an in-depth assessment of the clients’ needs before developing the course of treatment.

“When treating the neck area there are a few important considerations such as the extent of skin damage, the amount of skin laxity, volume of adipose tissue below the chin as well as around the neck muscles and the natural recession of the chin anatomically.

Together these factors impact the possible success of non-invasive cosmetic treatment or need for plastic surgery to adequately address my client’s concern.

It is important to take the time to really assess my client and properly explore their wishes and expectations,” she says.

Beyond just appointments, Dr Elle and Dr Ann-Marie see each consultation as an opportunity to craft a personalised and enriching experience. One thing guaranteed for any client visiting the Brisbane City Clinic is a trust that they will not only be heard but also nurtured with expert care.

b clinic proudly provides personalised recommendations and guidance to all patients and regular consultations are encouraged both by Dr Elle and Dr Ann-Marie.

“We want you to book a consultation and ask us all of the questions.

At b clinic we deeply care about your treatment goals and delivering to your individual needs, so we’re happy to take the time to help you get the best out of your treatments,” says Dr Elle.

Dr Ann-Marie shares this value and believes that getting to know clients on a deeper level during free consultations is the best way to achieve your desired results.

“Getting to know my clients during the free consultation is priority. This time allows me to relate discussed treatments back to them personally and assess whether they are suitable for the clients ‘individual expectations and anatomy.

This information that I have explored in our free consultation is what then forms the basis of my knowledge and from there, we can concentrate on more on procedures, techniques and results ongoing,” she says.

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