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RANT: Does the pursuit for beauty ever end?

Cut and colour, mani, pedis to brow sculpts; spray tans to wrinkle treatments and the list could go on and on.

I have recently paused long enough to question why my beauty regime list so long, is it all really necessary and who am I doing this all for?

Is it for me or is it for them? Them being – everyone I know outside of myself, and all of those who I am yet to know.

I have to be perfectly honest; it’s for me and… a little for them. I like to look my best no matter what my age and another truth confession, I like being pampered.


When it comes to dealing with the signs of ageing, my intention has always been to erase the past, look fresh in the present and preserve for the future. And, of course, look as natural as possible, while making it look completely effortless.

Perhaps having needles in my face isn’t the most pampering of all treatments but I can’t deny that I love my smooth appearance that follows an injectable procedure.

 Injectable treatments have worked a treat to help me look fresh, even when I am struggling to juggle my hectic schedule of kids, work and newly dating.


Although sometimes it’s a matter of priority and some beauty treatments do not seem as critically needed as other times. Perhaps that’s just how my mind works or maybe that’s how my budget dictates.


It’s interesting though when my budget hasn’t allowed for me to participate in my normal “beauty treatments with benefits” my inner guru (plus my new self-help book) has taught me that feeling good is indeed an inside job. And as I am growing (not ageing – just evolving) I have slowly, but not entirely, stopped relying on conditions outside of myself – (my appearance being a major one, but not confined to that alone) to dictate how I feel about myself.


I have also experienced the free beauty and health benefits of creating good feelings – in spite of what is going on in my life. It continually surprises me that when I am focused on feeling good I tend to receive more compliments from others, even total strangers seem to look at me more. Perhaps that’s due to the big smile I am confidently wearing.


However, I do remind myself although I can enjoy and readily accept compliments, I don’t need to rely on them to make me feel good, as that is just another conditional trap.

I’d like to thank you for reading my rant and I would like to leave you with some key takeaways to consider:

  • Don’t let your appearance have the biggest impact for the way you feel about yourself or your life.
  • Feeling good definitely can assist you looking more beautiful and add to you feeling more confident, which allows you to seek new opportunities when they present themselves and when your feeling good about yourself, they will definitely come.
  • If your budget allows for it, then definitely seek out any beauty treatment that will compliment you feeling good and it may just assist you being the best version of yourself on the outside.
  • Just remember you are already great, beautiful, talented, loved and lovable… just the way you are, our outside appearance is just icing on the cake – (you’re the cake, not the icing).


Just feel and you will be… Love Miss b xoxo

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