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Finally, Natural Looking Facial Enhancement… Now Trending!

Are you making the most of your Natural Beauty?

At b clinic, we are seeing an increase of clients requesting treatments that can create Natural looking results and we couldn’t be happier. Enhancing your existing facial features does not have to you leave you with obvious signs of cosmetic enhancement nor does it mean that you have to alter or change your appearance. In fact, subtle cosmetic enhancing treatments should make you look and feel like a fresher more youthful & beautiful version of you.

Our New b enhanced injectable pack is the perfect and more affordable way to prevent, restore & enhance your appearance. At our everyday low price of $1150, you will Save $270, our b enhanced injectable pack consists of 2 areas of muscle relaxant & 2 mls of dermal filler. This treatment is suitable for all ages & genders, however, during your consultation, your practitioner will assess your unique facial structure & facial expressions as well as discuss your personal concerns and aesthetic goals at that stage they will be able to advise you if this is the right cosmetic injectable pack for you.

Cosmetic facial enhancement treatments are available at all b clinic locations. Book in for a Free consultation with one of our experienced Doctors and Registered Nurses to see what’s possible for you!

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Enhance what you’ve got xoxo