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What to expect from having a lip filler procedure by Dr Elle

Top 4 questions that are asked by our clients about what to expect from having a lip filler procedure
Q1. How do I prepare for lip filler? 

The most important thing to think about when preparing for lip filler is how to minimise the swelling afterwards. You can do something really important to help this, which is to avoid things that will thin your blood.  The top things that will thin your blood are alcohol, aspirin, and anti-inflammatories (such as Ibuprofen and Voltaren). Fish oils also do a good job of thinning your blood. It is best to avoid these things for 3-4 days in the lead up to your appointment to significantly reduce the amount of swelling and bruising that you will get post-procedure. 

Q2. How much bruising will there be?

 Let me start by saying it’s normal to get some bruising. We are using a small tiny needle to really carefully and precisely inject filler into your lips. So there will be a small amount of bruising, and that’s really normal. How much you bruise really depends on every individual and the technique that’s used. Some people bruise minimally; some people will be unfortunate and will get a larger bruise. However, that is uncommon. Generally, there is just a small number of purple dots on your lips and these generally only last a few days to a week and can be easily hidden with some make-up after the procedure. I will get to make-up soon! 

Q3. What about swelling? 

Yes, swelling is likely. The lips are really sensitive – you probably already know that. Any minor trauma, and they swell. As I said before, we are using a needle to inject filler into the lips, and while it is very tiny, there will be some swelling. Usually, the swelling starts to be apparent straight after the procedure. Most will have a moderate amount of swelling, and that might grow over the next one to two days. There are ways to help manage any swelling you might have:

  • Icing your lip. An ice pack is really helpful in the first 24 hrs.  If you don’t have an ice pack at home, you can use ice cubes, place them in a plastic bag then wrap them in a tea towel. You don’t want to be putting ice directly onto your lips. You might actually do some damage to that sensitive lip tissue.   
  • Avoiding those things that I mentioned above, that can thin your blood. Alcohol, aspirin, fish oils supplements and common anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and Voltaren. Avoid these for the following couple of days after you have had your lip filler done. 
  • Sleeping with your head elevated a little bit really does help as well because of the effect of gravity. If you have your head elevated on some pillows, it helps the fluid drain away from your lips. This can considerably help speed up the resolution of the swelling after your lip filler. 
How long is the swelling going to last?

 I would say most people find by the end of the day 1 or day 2, their lips are peaking with their swelling, and then after that, it really does start to resolve. Most people find that if they get their lips done, say, on a Friday afternoon or a Saturday morning, they’re feeling absolutely fine to be out and about going about their usual life by Monday morning. Lips will then settle into their final resting place, their final result, within the coming one to two weeks.  Many people find that they actually like the swelling phase a little bit, which just means that next time we can put a little more in!

What I tell all clients undergoing lip filler for the first time is to remain calm. Over the next one to two weeks, after you have had your lip filler done, they will go through phases. There might be a little bit of bruising and swelling. It is usually entirely manageable, it’s short-lived, and then by one to two weeks later, you’ve reached your final resting place, and you’ve got a lovely set of new lips. 

Q4. When can I wear makeup?

I would recommend for the first 24 hrs no makeup. Just a lip balm as this will be nice and nurturing for the lips that will be in that acute swelling phase. From the next day, from 24 hrs later, I’d be happy to use some makeup. In actual fact, if you’ve got any of those small purple dots of bruising that have become apparent afterwards, a darker lipstick can help you cover those up while you go about your daily life and your lips settle into their new luscious state. 

So, that’s our top 4 questions on what to expect from having a lip filler procedure. Hopefully, you find this useful and maybe will see you sometime soon for an appointment.


Dr Elle

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