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Learn Which Cosmetic Enhancement Is Right for You

Even the most beautiful people would admit to wanting to enhance some aspect of their appearance – like plumper, more contoured cheeks, more luscious lips or a slimmer jaw for that perfect v-shaped face.

If you’re thinking about getting a cosmetic “tweakment” or beauty enhancement, the number of options available can be overwhelming. 

How do you know where to start?

The good news is you don’t have to resort to surgery to look your best self. With state-of-the-art dermal fillers, skin treatments and muscle relaxants, you can achieve great results in your lunch hour without going under the knife.

Whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, here’s our guide to the most effective ways to enhance your look and feel more confident, beautiful and rejuvenated.

Which Are the Best Cosmetic Procedures?

The best beauty enhancements help you look like the best version of yourself. For some people, that might mean a cosmetic treatment that changes the shape of your face, and for others, it might be a natural-looking enhancement that makes you appear more rested and rejuvenated. 

Here’s our guide to the most popular cosmetic enhancements.

Beautifully Contour Your Face

Well-defined cheekbones are a classic sign of youthful beauty. If nature hasn’t blessed you with contoured, high cheekbones that are plump in all the right places, you can achieve the same effect with dermal fillers.

Cheek fillers add volume to the area above your cheekbones to create a more defined facial structure. The dermal filler can also lift the skin from within to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

Why this treatment is a great option for you:

You get instantly fresher, more natural, beautiful facial contours and define your cheekbones with minimal downtime – you can often do these subtle treatments during your lunch hour. 

It’s a low-risk procedure with instant results. We can easily make adjustments and add more filler after your initial treatment to achieve your desired results. 

Re-Sculpt Your Nose

There’s a reason why so many celebrities get a nose job – achieving the perfect nose shape can transform your face. But you don’t need to submit yourself to painful surgery with long recovery times. Today’s dermal fillers are the new, non-surgical reshaping treatment to make your nose look straighter, larger or more symmetrical.

A non-invasive nose job provides faster results with none of the downtime and painful side effects of rhinoplasty reconstructive surgery. 

Why this treatment is a great option for you:

You can quickly correct aesthetic issues and make subtle changes that leave you looking naturally more beautiful. Make your nasal tip more defined and reduce the appearance of dents, bumps or other imperfections in shape for the new profile you’ve always dreamed of.

Reshape Your Chin

If you feel like your chin isn’t prominent enough or is out of balance with the rest of your face, dermal fillers can make all the difference. A non-surgical chin enhancement can transform the appearance of your lower face. It can add definition and elongate the chin for a more balanced v-shaped facial profile. 

You can address sagging in the lower face and lift the jowls with a non-invasive cosmetic enhancement that offers instant results. 

Why this treatment is a great option for you:

In less than an hour in the clinic, you can correct the chin’s symmetry and achieve a visual balance that totally transforms your appearance – and you won’t have to wear bandages for weeks afterwards, either.

You can show off your new look immediately after treatment. You’ll only have to come back for a top-up procedure every 6-12 months. 

Define Your Jawline

Your jawline may always have been asymmetrical, or perhaps as you’ve aged, your jowls have begun to sag and make you older than you truly are. A non-invasive jaw enhancement can restore volume where it’s been lost, strengthen the jawline, and strategically lift the jowls for natural-looking results. 

Dermal filler injections also boost elastin and collagen production in the area, making the skin in your lower face appear tighter, healthier, and more youthful. 

Why this treatment is a great option for you:

Quickly and non-surgically enhance the look of your jawline and jowls, fixing everything from lack of definition to the tell-tale sag of ageing. Jaw fillers are one of the best beauty enhancements for transforming the lower face.

Take Some Weight off Your Jawline

Some people feel their jaw is too large for their face or would prefer a v-shape rather than a square or round jawline. Others complain that their jaw looks clenched even when they’re relaxed. Jaw slimming muscle relaxants can help.

By targeting the overactive masseter muscles, injections of muscle relaxant can soften the jawline. Over a series of treatments, the size of the masseters reduces, and you get a more attractive v-shaped facial structure. The muscle relaxant product is a safe substance used in anti-wrinkle injections and involves very little risk when injected by a highly trained doctor or practitioner. 

Why this treatment is a great option for you:

It’s the perfect pain-free way to quickly achieve a slimmer or softer silhouette. You can change the shape of your lower face without the incisions, painful side effects, and downtime of plastic surgery. 

Eradicate Skin Imperfections

If you’ve got acne scarring, uneven skin texture, skin discolourations, or your skin looks tired and dull, there’s a wide range of treatments to give you back your youthful, smoother and more beautiful skin. 

Chemical Peels

Skin peels can boost your skin’s natural glow and make a dramatic improvement to pigmentation, sun damage, and acne scars. There are several different peels to treat specific skin concerns, from low concentration rejuvenation to deep exfoliation and cell renewal. Your clinician will be able to recommend the right chemical peel for your skin type and aesthetic goals. 

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light therapy) or photorejuvenation is a quick in-clinic procedure. It’s an effective, long-lasting solution for removing spots and scarring, reducing pore size, eliminating and reducing wrinkles, and improving your overall skin texture, smoothness, and skin tone. The technology can also treat unwanted hair with laser hair removal. 


Microdermabrasion sprays tiny exfoliating crystals onto your skin to remove tired, dead skin for a smoother new layer and a flawless glow. You can expect an immediate improvement to skin texture and tone after a single treatment, with results improving after each session. 

Why these treatments are a great option for you:

These aesthetic treatments are so effective because they stimulate the body’s natural healing process and encourage cell renewal. They boost collagen and elastin production to treat visible signs of ageing to make skin smoother and more even-toned. You can fit a session into your lunch break, and results continue to improve after multiple treatments. 

Which Non-Surgical Beauty Enhancement Is Right for You?

The best way to find out which treatment is right for you is to schedule a free beauty enhancement consultation with our team here at b clinic. Non-invasive treatments are quick and easy. There’s almost zero recovery time so that you can get back to your normal life fast – except with more beautiful skin.

You can get the results you want without having to pay the hefty price tag for surgery or deal with the painful side effects and downtime. Book a free consultation today and start your journey to becoming the best version of you.