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Reverse Signs of Ageing

How to reverse the visible signs of ageing

Here’s a sag, there’s a bag, everywhere a fine line… if you’re starting to notice the visible signs of ageing, you’re definitely not alone. But why does it happen, and what can you do about it?

From around 20 years of age, our bodies start producing 1% less collagen every year, and consequently, our skin looks progressively more dry and dull. This dryness makes the appearance of fine lines more noticeable, and your skin’s increasing inelasticity and lack of plumpness leads to those dreaded wrinkles and skin laxity around your jowls, eyes and neck.

But don’t despair. We offer the latest advanced treatments designed to rejuvenate and plump those ageing signs out of existence. Here’s our guide to reversing the physical signs of ageing – simply click on the links to learn more:

  • Halt the creep of time. Some of the first signs of ageing we see are skin discolourations, age spots and sunspots. Melasma (brown to grey patches) and broken capillaries soon follow. We recommend trying: IPL, PicoSure and Revlite lasers and/or peels, Photodynamic therapy and/or microdermabrasion.
  • Fine lines just ain’t that fine. If you’re starting to develop crepey skin, forehead lines, crow’s feet or frown lines, we recommend you try: a muscle relaxant, fillers for your frown & forehead linesBeauty Booster TreatmentPRPDermaPen skin needling, or peels.
  • Plump it up. In your 30s, moisture transfer from your dermis to the epidermis slows, and your skin’s fat cells start to shrink. This creates a characteristic loss of volume and hollowing around the eyes, lips, temples, cheeks, jaw, and nasolabial folds. Our solution? Try dermal fillers or PRP to turn back the clock.
  • Stop the sag. Loss of tissue and fat also creates telltale skin laxity, particularly around your jawline, neck, and eyes. As you age, these are three areas fattening up is allowed! At b clinic, we’re getting great results with non-surgical treatments such as PellevéUltherapy, and Beauty Booster Treatment. For surgical treatments, try Eyelid surgery & S-lifts.