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Three Elements to Look for in your Cosmetic Injector

When it comes to looking your best, you want to choose the best. A trusted medical cosmetic injector is one that truly cares about your entire experience, from advice and personalised treatment plans through to quality products and certainty of price. 

So how do you choose the best injector? It almost goes without saying that experienced and highly skilled medical practitioners are paramount for your safety and overall satisfaction. However, it should never stop there. We believe authenticity, customer-centric care and honesty are everything when it comes to choosing your injector.

  1. Experience, care, and honesty  

It’s important to find a cosmetic provider that listens to your concerns. Cosmetic injectable treatments can rejuvenate and enhance our appearance but naturally, do also come with some risk. This is why choosing your injector carefully is so important.

Your injector should possess expertise in facial aesthetics and anatomy, providing honest guidance on what’s achievable and best suited to enhance your best natural features. Both knowledge and injection technique play a crucial role in achieving long-lasting natural results.

When placed incorrectly, dermal filler can hinder the natural movement of the face and leave the effect of having had work done, which many clients like to avoid. This is why having a free consultation before any treatment is the most important first step for addressing the root of your concerns and achieving fresh and natural looking results.

During your consultation, our experts will outline all possible risks and side effects, and with your safety in mind, will provide a personalised plan to help you reach your treatment goals.

  1. Considerate of your financial wellbeing

When choosing an injector for your aesthetic treatment, cost shouldn’t be your sole deciding factor. Of course, and particularly in this current economic climate – cost is certainly an important aspect but value should be a bigger focus. The most critical things to consider are the injector’s experience, care, and precision as these are the factors which will decide your overall experience.

We understand clients want certainty, transparency, and value for money. To give you peace of mind and to avoid confusion around pricing, we decided to create an exciting new pricing structure that we believe is fair, authentic and provides value for money. This will allow clients to plan their treatments with trust and confidence. 

Our new pricing structure means you know exactly what you’re paying for – giving you full predictability and support in achieving your aesthetic goals.

Regardless of the dermal filler product that is required (thin, medium or thick) or the treatment area, (lips, tear troughs, cheeks, mid-face hollowing, nasolabial folds, extended smile lines, chin, temples, forehead and nose), our 1ml price will now be a fixed price of $550.

b clinic’s new injectable pricing is as follows:

Dermal Filler Treatments:

● $450 for 0.8ml 

● $550 for 1.0ml 

During your free b clinic consultations, our experienced practitioners will assess your unique needs and recommend the most appropriate dermal filler product to achieve the desired outcome.

Muscle Relaxant Treatments:

  • Small area $110 – Suitable to treat bunny scrunch, lip flip, brow lift, oral commissures, gummy smile, and chin
  • Half an area $150 – Suitable for those clients who don’t require a full area dose.
  • One area $260
  • Two areas $460
  • Three areas $640 – Suitable for treating crow’s feet (around both eyes), frown lines, and horizontal forehead lines.

Minimum 46-60 units per area.

Free treatment reviews and muscle relaxant top-ups within one month of the initial treatment are still available if required.

  1. Accessibility when you need it most

It is crucial to find a cosmetic medical clinic that is accessible should you require an urgent treatment review. We provide free follow-up appointments that allow your injector to re-evaluate your treatment outcomes if needed.

Our practitioners are available six days a week and, on most Sundays, emphasising your support and peace of mind during your aesthetic journey. With over two decades of industry experience, our injectable experts are passionate about helping you become the best version of yourself.

*Please note that our new pricing structure is applicable across all b clinic locations, excluding Queen St, Brisbane City clinic.