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The Top Cosmetic Trends of 2023 to Avoid and Why (And What to Have Instead!)

For many people, checking what’s trending in the world of cosmetic enhancement is the first thing they do in the morning and the last thing they do at night. You’re encouraged to follow the latest fashions so you too can be on-trend … but not every trend is right for every person.

Overfilling vs Tweakments

Mostly due to social media, one trend that has become popular is wearing filler treatments as a status symbol – large amounts of filler that are incredibly obvious to even the untrained eye.

However, it seems this trend is reversing in 2023. “Right now, the biggest fear that most people have about having cosmetic treatments, whether it’s surgical or nonsurgical, is looking unnatural,” Dr Julius Few told Allure Magazine. Other top priorities are non-invasive treatments with minimal recovery and downtime. For these reasons and others, smaller treatments called tweakments are set to become the trend this year.

What are tweakments? The word is a mash-up of tweaks and treatments. The best tweakments find the subtle sweet spot between correcting/enhancing a feature while preserving a person’s natural contours. How do you spot someone who has had a tweakment? You can’t, and that’s the point. As one doctor put it, “If my patient looks like they’ve had something done, then I did a bad job.”

Tweakments are sometimes referred to as facial optimisation and if you’re looking for a life-changing transformation, they’re probably not for you. They are for problems including thinning lips, dull skin, eye lines, and even asymmetrical eyebrows.

The majority of people we see at b clinic are looking for subtle enhancements (tweakments) to their natural features. Others have been seduced by wanting to be trendy, just as they are with their clothing, hairstyle, or make-up. It’s easy to forget that these aesthetic treatments are medical treatments. Making aesthetic changes to your facial appearance is not as simple as changing your hair style or clothes. That’s why it’s so important to consult with a knowledgeable injector about the treatments you’re considering.

Why b clinic Wants You to b Natural

The results of overfilling areas of the face are dramatic, and they are also extremely unnatural. They can look impressive in photos (with the right filters and 1000 takes) but can often look strange in real life. The features look out of proportion to the rest of the face. This is especially problematic with lip and cheek filler. Problems also arise when clients aren’t counselled to consider the real-life effects of a treatment. Often, they look at enhanced 2D representations of how filling the cheek, chin, jawline, or lips will look, and are happy with what they see. The happiness fades, however, when clients realise that in real life, 3D life, the results look artificial. Clients whose injectors have overfilled them can be animated, talking, smiling, and expressing emotions, but their features don’t move. It looks extremely artificial.

The trend for a slimmer, more contoured jawline is also the product of trends, and not a treatment everyone should undergo. Jaw slimming can be a wonderful, subtle enhancement treatment for some, but for others, slimming the jaw can create facial imbalance or even functional issues, since the jaw muscles are essential to chewing – a pretty important daily task!

2023 Cosmetic Trends are Not One Size Fits All

In the hands of a skilled injector, some trending treatments can do wonders to enhance facial and body contours. Still, not every treatment is right for every person, even non-invasive ones. “After years of scrambling to resemble inflated reality stars and Instagram girls, some women are now approaching (aesthetic enhancement) with a less-is-more mindset,” reports beauty writer Beanna Pai in the Glamour Magazine article The Rise of Tweakments.

In tandem with the trend to use fillers, for example, a problem with overfilling has emerged. It’s common for clients to visit b clinic and ask us to correct the work of other injectors with insufficient aesthetic sense. When excess filler is used, it is no longer a trending tweakment as clients lose the subtle individuality of their facial features. This produces the undesirable cookie-cutter features seen on so many people.

The overfilling trend does seem to be stronger in younger women, perhaps due to social media. However, volume loss is more severe as ageing progresses. You would think that more ageing equals more filling – but this isn’t the case at all. The placement of the filler, as well as the amount, is incredibly important to create a balanced result. At b clinic we love it when our clients tell us that friends and family tell them they look beautiful but also have no idea they are having treatments.

Find the 2023 Trend that’s Right for You

b clinic has earned a reputation for subtle cosmetic improvements that benefit people who want to age more naturally. You can rely on our injectors to guide you. They are knowledgeable about the medical and long-term aesthetic side effects of the treatments we offer. Your journey begins with a facial assessment. Your treating practitioner will discuss your goals and the treatment options that are best suited to you. In other words, we don’t steer you in the direction of the latest trend. b clinic puts you on the road to natural balance, harmony, and aesthetic rejuvenation.