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Cosmetic Procedures

Enhancing and restoring the areas you feel self-conscious about can help you become the best version of yourself. We offer a range of cosmetic procedures to help you achieve your aesthetic goals and boost your self-esteem and confidence. 

Cosmetic procedures can be used to repair and correct, like a Lobuloplasty (earlobe repair procedure). They can also refresh and rejuvenate, like an eyelid procedure to remove loose skin above the eye that causes you to look tired and aged.

Both of these procedures are performed by a trained cosmetic doctor with full clinical support. You’ll be taken care of by experienced and trained healthcare professionals through every step of your cosmetic surgery journey.

During your complimentary consultation, you can discuss your treatment goals with the doctor and ask questions about the procedure. We’ll make sure the treatment is the right option for you and provide you with all the information you need.

Eyelid Procedure

Drooping eyelids or loose skin under the eye can make you look older than you truly are. Eyelid surgery can remove the excess skin and tissue from the upper and lower eyelids, so you appear brighter and rejuvenated. You’ll look like the best version of you.
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Lobuloplasty / Ear Lobe Procedure

Ear lobe repair is a cosmetic procedure to correct torn or damaged ear lobes, often caused by wearing heavy earrings. A lobuloplasty can repair the ruptured tissue to restore the earlobe to its original appearance. Performed under local anaesthetic and requires little to no downtime.
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