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My Skin Journey by Dr Annmarie

“Not long after this photo was taken, I was going through one of the worst skin breakouts of my life. Who would have thought adulthood would bring this on!”

Dr Annmarie

A change in hormones meant my skin no longer behaved itself on my current skincare regime. Before one pimple would disappear, another deep painful structure would pop up on one of my cheeks or chin. Further irritation to my skin from laser hair removal caused smaller pimples. Before I knew it both my cheeks and chin were at various stages of breaking out and scarring. Having to be well presented for this job I needed to cover up these blemishes which only then served to help block up the pores of my skin. Luckily for me, Christmas was coming up and that meant a two-week break for my skin to be product free.

So reaching back to my GP knowledge I needed to re-evaluate my skincare by asking myself a few questions that I commonly go through with my own clients: What was causing my skin to look this way? Hormones, oily skin, irritation, inflammation to the pores and makeup.

What can I do to target each of those issues?

Hormones: Between puberty, menstruation, contraceptive pill, pregnancy and menopause, these hormonal fluctuations can wreak havoc with the skin.  Whilst there wasn’t a suitable option here for me currently there are treatments available that your GP may be able to offer you.

Oily skin: Commence using 10% niacinamide in preparation with as minimal ingredients as possible to decrease sebaceous activity in the pores. Continue using a lotion-based moisturiser. Increase the salicylic acid (pipe cleaner for the pores) in my daily face cleanser AND change to a makeup foundation with salicylic acid in it.

Inflammation: A short course of doxycycline (antibiotic commonly used to treat inflammatory acne).

Irritation: 2 weeks makeup-free! Temporarily take a break from laser hair removal – also because this is contraindicated with using doxycycline. Start a 20% minimum Vitamin C serum to help decrease inflammation and scarring. Cease using Vitamin A cream or serums as long term use of this didn’t seem to be working (I’m a big fan of this for fine line prevention! If you’ve ever attended a consult with me you will know!).

Patience and persistence: It takes a minimum of 3-6months to assess effectiveness as we need the scars to heal as well. Luckily for me, persistence paid off in about 3-4 months.
Like most people going through something like this, I did not want to take photos of myself during this time so unfortunately, I don’t have one to share with you today. I understand that whether it is a skin concern, defined wrinkle or retracted chin, there may be insecurity within us about the way we look that may be limiting our social interactions or confidence level which may translate into greater things such as applying for that job opportunity or asking someone out. 

I understand that improving that one insecurity (however minor or inconsequential it may seem to others, it has significance for you!) may improve your self-confidence to be more who you want to be and feel. So when I see you during a consult I also aim to understand why you would like me to treat your frown line or define those cheekbones and give you an honest opinion about what I recommend to help you achieve your desired look. And finally, I usually end with some skincare tips, keeping in mind that everyone is different and one treatment will not work for every single person.

Dr Annmarie

Dr Annmarie believes in creating a natural well-balanced look and conducting a detailed consultation that aims to fully understand her client’s concerns.

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