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Why Men love b clinic

You’d be surprised to hear that cosmetic injectable treatments are becoming increasingly more popular with men and at b clinic we love to see men taking care of themselves. Just like women, men know the value in maintaining a fresher appearance. They still want to maintain their masculine features whilst revitalising the face.

Muscle relaxants can help target areas such as crow’s feet, frown and forehead lines.

However, when a man considers getting muscle relaxants to refresh their face, there are a lot more factors to consider.

Men usually require more product because they have larger facial muscles, than women. Although every client is different generally a larger dose is required to achieve the best result.

So Why Do Men Prefer b clinic?

Men often come to b clinic because we understand that each client should be treated equally, focusing on the result, charging by the area rather than by the unit. So even though we may use a higher dose of muscle relaxant than those required by a female client, the cost remains the same.

This is not a general rule for all clients, and many factors should be considered when discussing your treatment with a practitioner during a free 30min consultation.

We ensure that the best result is achieved with the recommended dosage and offer a free review follow up consultation 2 weeks following your initial treatment.

At this stage if more product is required to achieve the optimal result there is no extra charge. At b clinic the end result is the best result.

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