A treatment for those with a small upper lip, or if their top lip rolls inward when they are smiling and are wanting it to appear bigger and more prominent.

A lip flip is achieved by injecting a small amount of muscle relaxant into the orbicularis oris, the muscle that controls the mouth and lips, being careful to only paralyse the superficial layers of the muscle so that it doesn’t affect the lip closure function.

A lip flip will create the illusion of a bigger lip by rolling out the top lip, without adding volume and elevating the corners of the mouth.  Due to the small amount of muscle relaxant being injected into this area, it will need to be treated again in two to four months.

The downside of this lip augmenting procedure may include not being able to close the mouth properly, and it is important to note if you play a musical instrument that requires this mouth action it may affect you being able to do so. Drinking through straws and pronouncing the letter “P” may also become more difficult.

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