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Know Your Frown by Dr Frank

Frowns or scowls are a common concern for most clients.

As cosmetic doctors, we deal with these prominent facial expressions every day. Why? Because the muscles you use to bring your eyebrows together to form a frown (the procerus, corrugators, and eyebrow depressors) will naturally create wrinkles in between your brows (the ‘glabella area’) and your forehead.

Every facial expression is connected to a human emotion. We often express displeasure, sadness, anger, worry, curiosity, confusion and concentration in the form of frowns. They can appear in different degrees depending on the emotion or thought behind them, and also in conjunction with other facial expressions. They help us read someone’s face and differentiate one person from another.

It’s not all bad. Some consider frowns are negative, while others believe they denote thoughtfulness. That’s why they are called “thinker’s wrinkles”.  Sometimes these lines give a person’s face character, and we won’t suggest treating them. If you’re happy, leave it alone.

But, in most clients, frown lines don’t accurately represent how they feel. We often see these deep furrows and tracks on the faces of playful, cheerful personalities.

Which character are you?

  • Serious?
  • Thoughtful?
  • Stressed?
  • Focused?
  • Angry?

The benefits of treating frown lines with muscle relaxants

  1. Prevention is better than cure.
  2. We can soften and (in some cases) smooth the appearance of these wrinkles over time.
  3. Most of our clients want to seem less annoyed or angry because they often don’t feel this way.

At b clinic, we don’t take a one-fits-all approach to treat frown lines.  During my years of practice, I have identified four main types of frowns and, of course, you could have a combination of the below:

Frown Type I:

Before treatment—this client has no sign of visible wrinkles but can contract her glabella with difficulty then can relax the muscle after expression. Muscle relaxant treatment result will usually last 5-7 months for this client.

Frown Type II:

This is the most common type of frown! They can easily move their glabella and completely relax the muscle after the expression. He/she will achieve lasting treatment results in 4-6 months.

Frown Type III:

This is a very strong frown. Even at rest, you can clearly see the muscle contraction and permanent lines etched into the skin. At this stage, the glabella can move perfectly but cannot completely release and relax.

Also, the medial part of the eyebrows tends to rise with movement—usually the result of a shorter lasting muscle relaxant treatment, perhaps three months or less. In some people (especially some men), this type of frown could express a unique character. It could be a beautiful expression—absolutely do not change it!

Frown Type IV:

A powerful glabella can cause this type of frown. He can never fully release and relax the muscles and, when they’re contracted, the medial part of the eyebrows tends to fall. This is usually challenging to treat, and he will have to wait at least a year to see long-lasting results with regular treatment.

Please note: Clients with permanent frown lines (types III or IV) can effectively treat their permanent lines with a dermal filler. Used in conjunction with a muscle relaxant, this will smooth and fill in the lines and prevent new lines from forming.

Which type of frown do you have?

Understanding someone’s character through their frown and treating it appropriately is an art.

It’s not always about achieving no muscle movements—the treatment depends on the individual.

During your consultation, I will examine your facial movements and ask about your desired outcomes. Taking into account your personality and other facial expressions, I’ll create a result that perfectly suits you.

The cost of a muscle relaxant frown line treatment $230.

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