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Interesting fact about Anti-Wrinkle treatments

Did you know that over time, muscle relaxants can ‘train’ your facial muscles not to move excessively thereby giving you long-term benefits?

With ongoing muscle relaxant treatments your facial muscles – especially the ones that cause those unwanted lines – remain relaxed and lose their ‘strength’, significantly reducing their ability to cause wrinkle-producing expressions.

This is true for all muscle relaxant treatments but our clients find this especially beneficial for their frown and forehead lines.

Prevention is Key: At 21, this beautiful babe had begun noticing her makeup was starting to settle in the creases of her frown & forehead lines.

This after video was taken 4 days following her muscle relaxant treatment. You can already see less movement  The full end result will be visible on the 7th day post treatment. #frownlines #horizontallines #naturalresults #drlee#musclerelaxant #ageingslowly