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Getting Rid of Dark Circles With Tear Trough Dermal Fillers

Dark circles can make you look older, tired, and even unhealthy. You can use jar after jar of expensive eye creams, try dozens of concealers, and make sure you get plenty of sleep, but the chances are the dark circles under your eyes will still be visible. 

The reason these dark circle treatments don’t work is that they don’t address the cause of the problem. These dark circles can be caused by shadowing, loss of volume under the eye, allergies causing you to rub the eye and making it bruise, and hereditary genes from your parents that can cause dark pigmentation under the eye. 

Tear trough filler treatments are a fast and effective way to restore volume back to the hollows under the eyes that cause dark circles.

You can achieve a fresher, reinvigorated, and natural appearance with a single tear trough dermal filler treatment. 

What Causes Dark Circles Under the Eyes?

Dark circles are usually caused by shadowing. The under-eye area looks dark due to the shadow created by how the light falls on a hollow depression in the groove between the eyelid and upper cheek. 

As we get older, the natural groove becomes deeper and more noticeable, resulting in unattractive shadows that give the appearance of tiredness and old age. Weight loss and thinning of the skin can also result in dark circles that make you look tired no matter how well-rested you are. 

For some people, dark circles may be caused by discolouring of the area under the eyes. This is caused by the pigmentation of the skin, and not a result of shadows. Allergies and lack of sleep may also cause temporary dark circles under the eyes due to the rubbing of the eyes due to irritation. 

Does Under-Eye Filler Help Dark Circles?

Most people with dark circles have depressions under the eye that cause shadows. 

As long as the dark circles are caused by indented shadows and not by allergies or pigmentation, tear trough fillers can be very effective at treating these dark circles.

Tear trough fillers can help to restore a youthful, fresher, and more attractive appearance by filling in the hollows that cause dark circles.

If your dark circles are caused by the discolouration of the pigment of your skin, tear trough fillers will not help with the appearance of the dark skin under the eye but can help with the lines that occur under the eye with age.

When you attend your consultation at b clinic, your clinician will be able to tell you what is causing your dark circles and advise you on the best treatment for you. 

How Do You Get Rid of Dark Circles With Under Eye Fillers?

The most common cause of dark circles under the eyes is the loss of volume in the tear trough area due to ageing. 

Dermal fillers placed under the eyes restores volume through the application of a small layer of hyaluronic acid via a blunt cannula to lift the skin under your eyes and restore volume to the area.

Within a day or two of receiving the eye bag filler treatment, most people will have a brighter, fresher, and a more energised appearance. It can be difficult to gauge the results of the eye bag filler treatment prior to receiving the treatment as everybody reacts differently.  Some may need a 2nd treatment to receive the results they desire, while in some instances, the results are instant. 

There is no amount of concealer that can cover up a hollow under the eye. After getting tear trough filler, you can go out to meet friends, hit the gym, and attend important events, knowing you look as refreshed and healthy as you feel. There may be some slight swelling after the procedure, but it’s very minimal in most people, and you can continue as normal after the procedure.

Which Filler Is Best for Dark Circles?

The best filler for dark circles is hyaluronic acid. It’s a substance naturally produced by your body and is entirely safe to use in the delicate area under your eyes.

Hyaluronic acid fillers will help you achieve results that look natural, even when you smile and laugh. 

Lots of people request the use of muscle relaxants under the eyes for dark circles, but dermal fillers provide a much better option. Muscle relxant is a muscle weakening agent, while fillers are an agent that expands to fill the hollow that causes shadows and dark circles. 

We recommend hyaluronic acid as it is safe and can also be easily dissolved using hyaluronidase. 

If you are unhappy with the results or want to reduce the amount of filler slightly, an injection of hyaluronidase can dissolve some or all of the filler agent within 48 hours. 

Are Under Eye Fillers Dangerous?

Dermal fillers used under the eyes are very safe. You will receive an in-depth consultation before treatment to outline any risks and to make sure that the use of tear trough filler is the right treatment for you to achieve the results you are looking for.

Our clinics exceed all regulations, and all treatments take place in a safe medical environment. An experienced practitioner will carry out your under eye treatment.

Tear Trough fillers are a minimally invasive treatment, and side effects are rare. You may encounter slight swelling and bruising after the procedure, but this should subside within a few days.

If you are unhappy with your final look, hyaluronidase can be used to reverse the results. 

Does Tear Trough Filler Treatment Hurt?

The Tear Trough filler is placed under the eye using a blunt cannula. This is the safest, least invasive way to apply the filler and the most effective. You may feel some slight pressure and mild discomfort during the treatment, but it’s generally very minimal and short term. Unlike surgical procedures, there is no incision and no need for stitches.

How Long Does Tear Trough Filler Take?

Dermal treatments are minimally invasive and don’t take long to complete. The procedure typically lasts for around 30 minutes. You will receive personalised advice and recommendations to help you with the aftercare at home.

When Will I See the Results?

You can see the results of your tear trough filler treatment immediately after the procedure. There may be some slight swelling and bruising that will subside after a few days. 

It’s perfectly fine to apply makeup after the treatment. You can walk out of the clinic looking fresh and reinvigorated with minimal downtime. 

What if I Don’t Like the Results?

Before the procedure, your clinician will discuss your expectations of the tear trough filler treatment and what you want to achieve with the results.

Our trained practitioners will only proceed with tear trough filler treatment once they know your expectations, so you don’t need to worry about any unexpected results.

If you don’t like the final results, the hyaluronic acid can be quickly dissolved. Within 48 hours of receiving the corrective solution, the filler will dissolve with no long term damage or effects. 

How Long Do Under Eye Fillers Last?

There is no set length of time that tear trough fillers will last. Everybody is different, and the absorption of the filler varies from person to person. 

Tear trough filler is in an area that moves less than the lips or forehead, so tear trough filler results generally last longer than dermal fillers in these areas. 

For most people, tear trough fillers usually lasts from six to nine months, depending on the individual. For optimal and long-lasting results, your b clinic doctor may recommend a 2nd treatment six months following your initial treatment to maintain your desired look.