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Hydrate & Glow with Beauty Booster by Marian RN

The Beauty Booster is one of my favourite treatments to target deep hydration and improve the skin’s elasticity, giving an overall healthy glow. It boosts the radiance of your skin while stimulating collagen production to create skin densification, hydration, and tonicity.

You can get smoother, firmer, and healthier skin on the face, neck, décolletage, and hands. It’s also suitable for all skin types. 

How Do Beauty Booster Treatments Work?

We use a special handheld device that delivers micro injections of thin hydrating dermal filler precisely and evenly distributed across the skin. 

This thin dermal filler consists of a substance that is naturally present in the skin and is combined with a cocktail of antioxidants and small amounts of a local anaesthetic to provide comfort during treatment. This substance is an essential sugar that plays a vital role in skin moisture. 

When injected into the skin, this substance attracts and bonds with water molecules. This essentially hydrates the skin from within while also providing a boost to collagen and elastin production. The Beauty Booster treatment activates fibroblasts that trigger the growth of new collagen fibres in the dermis.

The result is that ageing skin appears plumper, radiant, and more youthful. 

How Many Treatments Are Required?

We recommend 2-3 treatments in the initial stage over three months for optimal results. I recommend my clients maintain their results with three treatments over a year, e.g. before and after summer and during winter.

Which Areas Can Be Treated with Beauty Boosters?

All areas of the face, neck, décolletage and hands can be treated with excellent results. These are typically the areas where ageing skin and skin dehydration are most noticeable. 

The Beauty Booster treatment can compensate for the natural loss of collagen and volume, helping to address fine lines, wrinkles, and a dull complexion. You can get back your radiance and make your skin glow. 

Am I a Suitable Candidate for a Beauty Booster Treatment?

The Beauty Booster is ideal for clients of all ages and those who want to boost the benefits of their skincare regime. It is the perfect treatment for clients wishing to maintain a natural, youthful appearance and reduce the signs of skin laxity and fine lines. Many clients have Beauty Booster between their regular injectable, skin or laser treatments.

It’s not suitable for those with an active infection or acne in the area. We also advise pregnant or breastfeeding women not to have Beauty Boosters and other injectable cosmetic treatments.

If you’re unsure whether it’s right for you, book a consultation, and I’ll be happy to advise you on your treatment options based on an evaluation of your skin concerns. 

Is There Any Downtime?

There is little to no downtime after a Beauty Booster session. Following the treatment, clients can expect to see small spots appear. However, they usually disappear 12-48 hours post-treatment – makeup can help. 

If you have an event or special occasion coming up, I would advise booking the treatment around a week to 10 days in advance. This will leave plenty of time for the treatment to take effect and for any unwanted side effects to subside. 

A consultation is always advised to eliminate contraindications and plan the best options for my clients.

Are There Any Aftercare Instructions with Beauty Boosters?

There is a minimal recovery period after Beauty Boosters, but we recommend that clients follow the aftercare instructions we provide. This will minimise the risk of side effects and maximise the treatment results. 

For the first 48 hours post-treatment, you should avoid strenuous exercise and exposure to hot environments. That includes saunas, steam rooms, and hot showers. It’s also a good idea to avoid alcohol consumption for 24-48 hours.

Try to take care of your skin during the first few days and avoid applying pressure or rubbing the area. You should also avoid exfoliants and products containing retinoids and Vitamin C for the first 48 hours. 

How Long Do Results Last?

Results can be seen after the first treatment and are cumulative. Your complexion will look brighter with more youthful skin for up to 9 months. The exact longevity depends on your lifestyle, genetics, and other factors. 

How Soon Will I See the Results?

You’ll see skin texture and tone improvement within two weeks of your initial treatment. Skin will be more hydrated and smoother with less noticeable wrinkle lines. With each treatment session, your complexion will become healthier and more radiant. 

Does the Beauty Booster Treatment Hurt?

Most clients do not find Beauty Booster treatments painful. We’ll apply a topical anaesthetic 30 minutes before the session begins to minimise any discomfort. The dermal filler product also contains a local anaesthetic.

Post-treatment, you may experience mild redness and tenderness in the treated area. This typically only lasts for a few hours.

What Should I Do Before Treatment?

We recommend a few things and some activities we advise clients to avoid before a Beauty Booster treatment. 

You should avoid alcohol consumption for at least 24 hours before your session. We also advise that you don’t take any aspirin, Vitamin E supplements, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) the week before your treatment. 

You should inform us if you are currently taking antibiotics before your session. You will likely need to finish the course of antibiotics before having Beauty Boosters and other cosmetic treatments. 

What Is the Difference Between Beauty Boosters and Dermal Fillers?

Beauty Boosters and dermal fillers are similar treatments as they both are made up of the same ingredients. But there are also some key differences. 

Dermal fillers are used to restore volume and create lift and contour. For example, we use dermal filler injections to increase the volume of the lips and to give the appearance of higher cheekbones to create a more attractive v-shaped facial structure. 

Beauty Booster treatments are designed to improve the hydration and health of the skin. While there is a volumising effect, this isn’t the primary goal of the treatment. Beauty Boosters also contain antioxidants to rejuvenate the skin. 

By Marian Ferguson RN.

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