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The Artist Path-Follow Your Passion by Dr Frank

I think the majority of us struggle to figure out our life purpose, especially because it’s not often clear or easy. As for me, I never knew what my calling was, all I knew was that I loved being creative and I had an artistic eye. Despite this, I’ve always thoroughly believed in an active lifestyle, a healthy and balanced diet, and that having a balance in personal, social and professional life are all essential in creating a happy, healthy person.

I also believe that our body, mind and soul are equally as important as each other, and this has ultimately carried into my work—into my own life calling. I’m here to share my story and let you know that even if you haven’t found your calling yet, I can help you to create a happy and healthy you while you’re on your way to finding it.

When I was 19 years old I finished high school and sat my university entrance exam in Sri Lanka so I could then get a scholarship to study architecture. Despite this, my teachers and my mother believed that I could be a doctor if I wanted to be, and that was exactly what happened, so when I got accepted into Medical School I left my architecture degree behind.

Although I was happy to be studying medicine I had a hard time tapping into it because I did not feel satisfied. I was not using my creative skills, and I was yet to discover the creative and aesthetic side of medicine. So I decided to go to the UK to obtain my Medical Registration, and then I made Australia my home in 2008.

Here I completed my internship with General Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology and was doing Orthopaedics. In Western Australia, I had the opportunity to gain experience in Plastics and Reconstructive Surgery, General Surgery, Emergency Medicine, and so on. Then I became a GP and moved to Queensland.

This is when I decided to pursue my career in Aesthetic Medicine. I started with my very first training in Toronto Canada, I did some training in the USA and in London, and then I joined the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and actively participated in training newcomers. I took all of the opportunities I possibly could to satisfy myself professionally, and also to help others be satisfied with themselves.

Through all of these opportunities and experiences, I finally discovered the way in which I could combine creativity and medicine. I carved my own path and followed my own desires and now I’m an extremely passionate, qualified cosmetic physician who believes in preventative medicine and a holistic approach when practicing Aesthetic Medicine.

In Aesthetic Medicine, what we do is identify someone’s natural features and enhance them. As practitioners, we have to address someone’s physical and psychological wellbeing before we even think about operating. If you identify the inner beauty within yourself, we can help you enhance it and bring it forward! If I could give you any words of wisdom it would be this: life is full of gifts and surprises; you just have to know when to accept them.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty by Dr Frank Mallawaarachchi  *Individual results may vary. 
Forest Landscape | Oil Painting by Dr Frank Mallawaarachchi 
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