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Dermal Filler – Why Overfilling is Not the New “Norm”

In a time where it seems cosmetic treatments are more obvious and less subtle than ever, I think it is fitting to write this piece to reassure my clients that overfilling is not the new “norm”.

Dermal filler treatments vary in how they are discussed and performed. There is a very distinct difference between the client who wants to enhance one or more of their features to the one who wants to preserve or restore an area that is ageing or tiring their look. Additionally, there is a very large divide between the injector who will say “yes and…” to every client and use 10 mls; versus the Cosmetic Doctor who will work with clients to keep them looking fresh and youthful, yet is not afraid to use the word, “No”.

The following information is relating to Dermal Filler as opposed to Muscle Relaxant. This is a distinction that needs to be made, even for clients who have been having treatments for years but are not properly informed. 

Muscle Relaxant is best used for upper face wrinkles, lines and a few other cosmetic and medical uses (Sweating, Jaw Grinding). What muscle relaxant doesn’t correct is VOLUME LOSS. Volume loss and its impact on the face and what we can do about it using Dermal Filler will be the focus of this article.

Dermal filler is a volumising gel product. Almost all the filler used in Australia and the world alike is Hyaluronic Acid based dermal filler. It is the safest, most predictable of all products and has its own reversing agent just in case.  

Many clients come in very apprehensive about dermal filler initially. They say, ‘don’t make me look like the “MAFS” women’ or ‘I don’t want duck lips’. They want to look like themselves but fresher or less tired or there is just a little area that bothers them. My job as their cosmetic doctor is to hear what they are saying and tailor their treatment to them!

The concerns they have around filler are largely due to a type of dermal filler treatment that would be considered “enhancement”. Enhancement treatment is not for everyone and is one of my least favourite aspects of the cosmetic industry. My favourite way to use dermal filler is more to do with “Rejuvenation”! That is, to find and correct areas of age related volume loss to help my clients feel like the best version of themselves.

Ageing effects both the hard and soft tissue structures of the face. Although there is gravity related decline, there is also a large amount of “involution” or loss of volume which significantly contributes to the signs of ageing. Various research articles using photographic tomography and MRI studies have confirmed this finding.

Various hollows and grooves appear in all areas of the face as we age and although every human is different, there is some predictability in this process. Often the most pronounced initial change is within the “mid face” involving the deep and superficial cheek fat pads. The ageing of this area alone can contribute to the most common concerns clients see me for such as; nasolabial folds, marionette lines, jowls, downturned mouth and “a tired look”.

Every day I discuss with clients the best way to improve their concern by using dermal filler to correct volume loss in the most natural way possible. Often the area that actually needs treatment is next to or near the clients concern rather than directly under it. For example, filler in the deep cheek fat pads can improve the nasolabial fold (often the clients concern) but it will also help restore a more youthful mid face, it is a win-win! In this way, dermal filler, if used correctly, can improve lines and folds but also restore volume loss to give a naturally refreshed look.

Dermal filler is best used as a gradual process in which each treatment builds upon the previous. This is both for safety and for more natural long-lasting results. For example, even though there can be many “mls” worth of volume loss in a client who has had a bariatric surgery, it is usually best to manage this client with 2-3mls at a time over many months. This approach helps ensure natural long lasting results and reduces risks. Patience is needed by the client and the doctor!

During your consultation with myself or any of our experts at b Clinic, your concerns and possible treatment can be explored further. There are always many potential solutions to a concern and this is part of the process to be discussed in the consultation and future treatments.

Hopefully the above information has helped those interested in dermal filler feel more comfortable and in control of their treatments. It is so vital to find a Doctor who matches the direction you feel most comfortable going, who is safe and effective, who is aware of how each area of the face changes, who has patience and who wants the best long term natural results for you.