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Considering lip fillers? Here’s the 10 things you need to know.

If Kylie Jenner’s post lip filler look is making you wonder how good your pout would be a little plumper, softer and more sensual, there’s a few things you should know.

Dermal fillers can certainly improve your smile and freshen your look, but it’s important to understand that one size never fits all – what works for Kylie might seem completely out of place on your face.

So, the first rule of getting a lip treatment is that you should always please yourself – because not everyone will agree with your changed look.

Whether you want big luscious lips or something a little more subtle and natural looking, here’s our ten-point guide to getting a great result:

1. Don’t shoot for the stars. Yes, Kylie and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s pouts are really in right now. But does that mean you should follow their example? Our practitioners will start
by asking what kind of look you’re after then give you advice about how you can achieve your dream lips based on your what’s best suited for your face.
It’s important to understand that you’re unlikely to get your desired effect in just one treatment – it’s best to increase the size of your lips gradually over 2-3 treatments to create a longer lasting, more natural effect with fewer complications.

2. Plan ahead Most people experience some swelling and possibly bruising after lip augmentation – this is completely normal and can take between 24-48 hours to settle down.
So if you’ve got a big event or special occasion coming up, it’s probably best to make your appointment 2 or 3 weeks before so you can look your stunning best and avoid any negative opinions by others.

3. Cruising for no bruising. Prevention is always better than cure. To avoid bruising, around ten days before your procedure you should avoid blood thinners like painkillers, fish oil and Vitamin E, which promote bruising and bleeding.

Having said that, you might not bruise at all. But if you do, it should fade after five to seven days. The good news is, using Hirudoid Cream or Arnica ointment (or tablets) can also help speed up or avoid the bruising process.

4.How to avoid the ugly and painful. Any trauma to your lips can trigger a cold sore, so if you’re prone to these, make sure you take preventative medication two days before the procedure.

5.What happens when you stop having lip augmentation treatments or the product wears off? Never fear, your skin will return to its natural, pre-treatment state. If you decide against further injections, it will be just as it was before augmentation – so if you had a wrinkle before your treatment, it’ll be there again when the product wears off.

And the treatment won’t cause any more wrinkles than you already had, so that’s good news. In fact, some products stimulate new collagen growth, which may lead to long-lasting improvements in your skin’s volume, even after the injected dermal filler has been absorbed by your body.

6.Don’t like the effect? Reverse it. Dermal fillers have come a long way – and most treatments are reversible. In fact, almost all of the injectable products we use at b clinic are non-permanent – and that’s just the way we like it. Even if you love the results of your treatment, your face changes as you age and we’ll need to reassess your treatment strategy, as a result to keep you looking naturally good.

Remember, your body will naturally break down and absorb the filler over time; so all treatments are ultimately reversible. But if you want a quick reversal, we can inject you with an ‘antidote’ immediately – no harm, no foul.

7.Should I? Shouldn’t I? If you’re not sure, you don’t have to go for a full lip enhancement. Many of our clients are opting for our lip refresher treatment – it’s less obvious but still, a very effective way to treat the signs of ageing in your lip area.

8.Bigger ain’t always better. Large lips don’t suit every face – it’s just a fact of life. And, let’s face it, it’d be boring if we all looked exactly the same. We’ll help you work with your own distinctively beautiful facial features so even smaller lips look sexy.

9.How to make smaller, thinner lips sexier. Enhancing your cupid’s bow with highlighter then kicking up the corners of your lips can give you an instant lip lift. If you need to, use a lip pencil to add extra volume to your lip body – but keep it subtle and remember to blend, blend, blend!

10.Big gains without big pain – what to expect. Hate pain? So do we! Lip filler injections are minimally invasive and over in just minutes. By using a very thin needle, even sensitive areas like the lips can experience minimal to no discomfort.

b clinic lip fillers are blended with a local anaesthetic to cut down on injection pain, plus we can apply a topical anaesthetic to numb your skin. If you’re really pain sensitive, your b clinic practitioner might also give you a local anaesthetic injection before your treatment.

This significantly reduces the amount of discomfort you’ll experience during your lip augmentation.

After a treatment, the local anaesthetic will probably make your lips feel numb for about 20 minutes. You can cut down this time by moving your mouth regularly to make the anaesthetic wear off more quickly. Afterwards, it’s normal to have tender lips for a day or two.

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