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Common questions about laser eyebrow tattoo removal answered

If the results following your cosmetic brow tattoo treatment have left you with the opposite of what you had desired, don’t despair: help is at hand. In today’s blog post, we will answer all your questions on what to do if you hate your cosmetic eyebrow tattoo.

How does eyebrow laser tattoo removal work?

Like any other Laser tattoo removal treatment, the laser light will target and shatter the tattoo ink into smaller particles, slowly breaking down the colour with each treatment. Between treatments, your lymphatic system will gradually help your body flush out the ink, and the colour will fade.

Is it safe to remove eyebrow tattoos with a laser?

Yes, it is safe on the skin and will not affect hair growth. It can be slightly uncomfortable, but the process is quick. Side effects such as redness, tenderness, and swelling can be experienced immediately post-treatment, typically within 24 to 48hs. Due to the type of pigment used in cosmetic tattooing, you may experience some colour changes in the ink as it fades.

A patch test is performed on a small area of your tattoo at least 24 hours before your first treatment to evaluate the ink and skin response. The cost of the patch test is $50 and will take place at the end of your complimentary consultation.

How soon can I remove my eyebrow tattoo?

We must ensure your skin is completely healed from the cosmetic tattoo before removing it with a laser. We recommend waiting at least six-eight weeks after your cosmetic eyebrow tattoo treatment. Any sooner may put your skin at risk for scarring.

How many sessions will I need?

How many treatment sessions will depend on several factors, including ink amount, colour, depth, layers, and desired results. Most people will have at least two and up to eight treatment sessions, six weeks apart.

Can the tattoo be removed entirely?

The short answer is yes. But although the treatment is safe and effective, the success rate and response can vary according to the type of pigment used in the ink and other factors. Each client needs to be individually assessed by one of our qualified laser practitioners to determine if they will be a good candidate. The treating practitioner will then advise the client on the best course of treatment for their specific needs.

How soon can I have my eyebrows retattooed?

Our experienced and fully qualified laser technicians recommend waiting at least 8-12 weeks after your last laser tattoo removal treatment before having your eyebrows retattooed.

Which lasers do you use to remove eyebrow tattoos?

We offer Picosure laser tattoo removal at our Sunnybank and Revlite Q-Switch laser treatments at Fortitude Valley clinic.

How much does laser eyebrow tattoo treatment cost in Brisbane?

We offer laser tattoo removal treatments at our Sunnybank and Fortitude Valley clinic locations in Brisbane, Queensland. The cost of a laser eyebrow tattoo removal treatment is $180.

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