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Brow Power- The Art of beautiful brows

The art of beautiful brows with Feather Touch eyebrow tattooing.

Thanks to the Kardashians and Cara Delevigne’s gorgeously thick brows, everyone is talking about how to get the perfect ‘fleek’ (i.e. when your brows are groomed, filled and shaped with a perfectly flicked point).

If you’ve kept up with the conversation, you’ll probably well-versed with Feather Touch Tattoo technique. Using a blade each fine micro hair stroke is hand-drawn whilst adding ink into the small incisions, even the most brow challenged can have natural looking, luxurious, and perfectly fleek brows in next to no time!

We asked our Cosmetic Tattoo Artist, Holly (owner & founder of cosmetic tattoo design) just why this new beauty service is proving so popular with all ages from 18 up.

b clinic: Beautiful natural looking brows can transform and define facial features how do you create this for your clients?

Holly: When deciding on the client’s eyebrow shape there are several factors I need to take into consideration
– Client’s preferences
– Age
– Face Shape & bone structure
– Hair colour & skin tone
– Symmetry or lack thereof
I tailor the brows to suit the individual & to enhance their features.

bc: We’ve noticed that feather touch cosmetic tattoo treatments can actually make our clients look younger. How is this achieved?

Holly: Thin sparse brows can be very ageing. Lifting the tails & adding an arch opens up the eyes giving a fresher appearance. Check out our page on non surgical brow lift.

bc: People’s perception of cosmetic tattooing is changing why do you think that is?

Holly: The techniques & materials have come so far in the last 5-7 years, gone are the days of the old permanent block brows! I think people are seeing the beautiful natural results that are being achieved these days in comparison to the past.

bc: Which cosmetic tattoo services do you specialise in? And do you have a particular favourite?

I specialise in subtle & natural cosmetic tattoo treatments. Enhancing my client’s features & helping them look & feel their best is what I love most about my job. Whether it be eyebrows, eyeliner or lip tattooing I can help you with natural lasting results.

bc: What is the difference between ombre & feather touch brow techniques? And are the results lasting?

Holly: Feather touch brows are created using a manual tool. Lots of fine micro strokes are created to mimic brow hair leaving a natural result.
Ombre brows are created using a machine. The brows are lighter at the fronts & gradually go darker for the perfect ombre fade. The edges are kept soft & once healed will give a powdered in look. This style is perfect for any clients wanting a little more fullness & definition.
I recommend a colour boost every 12-18 months to keep your brows looking fresh. Some clients may require more frequent colour boosts it depends on skin type & lifestyle.

bc: We know you recommend a re-touch treatment at 6- 8 weeks after the initial treatment. Is the re-touch treatment absolutely essential?

Holly: Yes, the retouch appointment is very important whether a big or small adjustment is needed. I tweak any sections where the colour may not have taken & will adjust shape/colour where needed.

bc: And finally, what would you recommend if someone has had a less than satisfying result following a recent a cosmetic tattoo treatment? Can anything be done to correct a bad result?

Holly: Correcting previous cosmetic tattooing can be a challenge & the results cannot be guaranteed. I would recommend having a complimentary tattoo removal consultation with one of our b clinic skin consultants. I feel that laser is the best option as that way we can start fresh & your end result won’t be compromised.

Want to know more about cosmetic tattooing?
Holly provides a thorough consultation and will create a tailored solution to compliment and enhance your appearance.
For more information & prices click here or call our friendly staff on 1300558188. To see more of Holly’s work click here