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b clinic 2024: Elevating Aesthetics, Innovation, and Client Confidence

Our goals and mission 2024

Dr Lee started b clinic in 2010 with one goal in mind, a goal that stands the test of time: to assist his clients in realising their aesthetic goals.

While every client possesses unique needs, Dr. Lee notes a shared desire among them — to radiate freshness and experience a rejuvenated sense of self.

“What drives my passion after all these years is the constant pursuit of new skills and expanding my knowledge,” said Dr Lee.

“The whole team at b clinic shares my passion for providing the best service possible. We are constantly improving and evolving our skills as a means of ensuring that we are best positioned to address our client’s worries about looking overdone.”

“We aim to maintain our client’s natural beauty and preserve their individuality, to help them look and feel like the very best version of themselves.”

Dr Lee notes that there are various reasons behind the appearance of ageing signs and these are important factors when choosing the right treatment procedures. 

After 25 years of performing injectables, Dr Lee expresses that he has a greater understanding of how dermal filler works.

He says, “It’s more important now than ever before that the dermal filler product is delivered and injected into the correct facial plane and that the necessary and precise quantity of product is used.”

“I have developed proven injectable techniques that can help in this regard. By doing so, we can create a fresher look for our clients without disturbing their natural expression, which is very important.”

Overcoming challenges and focus on providing excellent customer service

We understand that navigating the costs of injectable treatments can be confusing for our clients. They rely on our expertise to guide them in determining the right pricing and treatments for maintaining or enhancing their youthful appearance

To alleviate this confusion, we decided to standardise the price for all dermal filler treatments regardless of the treatment area.

Our aim is to deliver natural and beautiful treatment results while ensuring maximum safety for our clients.

Throughout the injectable procedure, we go above and beyond to ensure optimal treatment outcomes, prioritising excellence over inflated prices for specific areas. With a quarter-century of experience, we recognise that delivering safe and expert care demands the same high level of expertise, skill, and precision across all facial areas.

Unlike other cosmetic clinics that opt for higher fees in intricate areas like tear troughs, noses, and temples, we take pride in our ethical and responsible approach. Our commitment lies in delivering clinical excellence, providing quality care, and offering premium products — all at a fair and transparent price for our valued clients

Our pricing for 1ml of dermal filler stands at $550, applicable to various treatment areas such as lips, nose, tear troughs, temples, and mid-face.

This transparent pricing structure mirrors our dedication to fairness, ensuring our clients receive premium products and excellent service without hidden costs or surprises.

*Our standard injectable treatment pricing applies across all locations excluding the Queen St clinic.