Thia Sullivan

“I treat my patients like family.”

RN-Thia-SullivanIf there’s one thing Thia has learnt during half a decade treating all sorts of patients—from younger people who want fuller, kissable lips to older folks who want to add lost volume to their faces—it’s this: Everybody wants to get rid of wrinkles!

Thia is a highly experienced cosmetic nurse injector. She has an artistic background and enjoys beautifying a patient’s appearance with anti-wrinkle or dermal fillers, giving her the edge when it comes to rejuvenating the face.

In addition to cosmetic treatment expertise, Thia is tireless in her pursuit of the highest level of patient satisfaction. She attends all the current workshops and conferences, so she’s up to the minute with all the latest treatments, invasive and non-invasive, that might benefit her patients.

From the Outback to the City

Thia grew up in rural Queensland and loves the country, but she and her three children, aged 10 through 14, love living in the city. They share an enthusiasm for athletics, including gymnastics, and Thia especially enjoys joining in a family run after she picks the kids up from school.

Every Sunday Thia visits her grandmother’s farm, where she and her family milk cows and bake cookies from scratch, then sit down over a roast lunch to connect and deepen the ties that bind. It’s in this spirit that Thia gets to know her patients.

Treating Clients Like Family

One of the things Thia likes best about her job is the opportunity to make a genuine connection with all her clients. They share their secrets with her, news of the events in their lives, both triumphant and tragic. She looks forward to seeing them and catching up, just as she does with her own family.

This kind of personalised, white-glove service isn’t possible in many of today’s conveyor belt medispas. That’s why Thia enjoys her work at b clinic so much.