Kellie Fraser

Paramedical Dermal Therapist /Laser Technician

“Cosmetic medicine isn’t vanity. It’s about restoring your confidence in yourself and having healthy skin. I am all for providing the knowledge and information to get your skin back to health.” – Kellie

Kellie’s passion for skincare and skin health began in her early adult years when she battled pigmentation caused the contraceptive pill.

People kept asking her if the discolouration just below her jawline was bruising and the escalating embarrassment left her trying anything she could get her hands on to hide it – from make-up to fading creams.

“My self-confidence plummeted,” Kellie explains. “I felt trapped and was constantly trying to cover my face, especially in photos.”

Search for answers.

For the next few years, she was caught in a vicious cycle – visiting multiple dermatologists only to be prescribed yet another expensive prescription fading cream that didn’t work. The medical system was failing me.”

To solve the problem herself, Kellie decided to learn more about the skin and its problematic conditions. Along the way she was inspired to become a Paramedical Dermal and Laser Therapist and has now been working in the industry for six years.

Life-changing journey.

“My journey to discover the secret of healthy skin has changed my life,” says Kellie. “I’ve been working in beauty clinics, medical clinics and spas alongside doctors and nurses who share my passion – I love what I do. I’m now in my third year of a Bachelor of Nursing pursuing advanced knowledge and skills to incorporate into my practice.”

Once she completes her studies, Kellie wants to become a Registered Cosmetic Nurse. She hopes to offer medical cosmetic and dermal treatments with a particular focus on managing difficult skin conditions from a holistic point of view.