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Dr Jason Kho

Cosmetic Doctor, MBBS FACRRM

Dr Jason Kho studied his Bachelor of Medicine / Surgery at Griffith University in Gold Coast, working in city / rural hospitals and GP clinics during his training time. He completed his training as a Rural Generalist, and still works in rural hospitals part time. He has gained his skin health experience during his GP time, with a large proportion of his patient care directed at skin health, and skin excisions. He grew up in Singapore, completing his Bachelors of Engineering there, and also a Masters of Business Administration in Queensland before doing medicine.

He delved into cosmetic medicine as he always had a keen interest in aesthetics, and believes that beauty on the outside transcends to the mind and rest of the body.

Under the tutelage of Dr Lee Lua, he has developed skills and art of aesthetics, however also believes that one should never rest on one’s laurels and continue to excel and improve consistently.

His approach to aesthetics is that everyone is different. Cookie cutter treatments should never be adopted for any patient, which also applies to patients he sees outside of aesthetics. Beauty is a journey, not a destination. He believes in first understanding his patients both aesthetically, and just as importantly emotionally, to try to give them the best results.