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A Fresh Approach to Timeless Cosmetic Treatments

Our number one priority is our clients!

The well-being of our clients is our biggest priority here at b clinic, that’s why we take the emergence of new trends and new products very seriously.

With 26 years of experience in cosmetic medicine under his belt, our Founder and Creative Director, Dr. Lee Lua, understands the importance of staying ahead of trends and has seen many come and go over the years.

An important step when looking to stand out from the rest and provide our clients with the latest treatment options is our process of testing new products and treatments. In fact, the trends that tend to stick around for the long run are the ones that have been tried and tested for their safety and effectiveness.

At b clinic, we refrain from using our paying clients as test subjects for new products and treatments, and instead opt to use training models that are willing to participate in our trials instead. Why? Because we value and want to protect their emotional, physical and financial well-being which are all too valuable to risk.

So, how do we carry out testing for new treatments and products?

We’ve put together a list of factors we consider when we evaluate new treatments and products to make sure they are of the highest quality and standard for our clients and to give them the peace of mind they deserve, knowing they are always well looked after.

Some things to consider are:

  • Effectiveness: Does the new product live up to the marketing hype? Does it actually work the way it says it works?

  • Complications: Is there a high risk for clients?

  • Duration: How long do the results last?

  • Technique: It takes skill, time, and practice to develop the proper techniques to administer the new product effectively and safely.

  • Cost-effective: Is it affordable for clients, and are the results worth the money? Does it bring good value to our clients?
  • Comparing similar products: We have always found it worth comparing the tried and trusted current products that are similar against the new brands to evaluate their efficacy.

  • Reversibility: Can the practitioner easily dissolve the product for the client?

  • Long-term results: The product’s long-term performance is essential to the client and us. Initially, the results may appear to be pleasing, but as we know from experience, the results from the new product may not last and, what’s worse, have long-term unwanted results or side effects.

Once our team of practitioners are satisfied that the new products and treatments are safe, long-lasting, high-quality and great value, we make it available to our clients through complementary personalised consultations. During these sessions, our clients not only receive tailored advice for their individual needs but also gain insights into what truly suits them, rather than chasing trends without being properly informed.

Speaking to injectable trends, Dr. Lee notes that in the mid-2000s there was a stark contrast in what was popular then compared to today.

“Back then, many injectors subscribed to the belief that ‘a girl can’t have too much product.’ However, in this day and age, this has changed, and anyone, regardless of gender, can indeed have too much product.”

Dr Lee continued, “I started seeing new clients overfilled and wanting more. The look was not only unnatural, but I could see that overfilling was taking away from the client’s natural beauty and was creating unnatural facial expressions. This is when I decided we had to inject differently.”

In today’s cosmetic industry, the trend towards natural-looking results has finally aligned with Dr Lee’s approach, which emphasises the principle of “less is more” and careful product placement using his advanced techniques.

When looking to enhance and rejuvenate one’s appearance with injectable treatment, Dr Lee says: “The practitioner needs to identify the areas of the face where volume loss has occurred and determine which fat pads require treatment.

Based on this assessment, we can determine the appropriate product, treatment plan, and technique required to achieve a holistic and beautiful result.”

Dr Lee emphasises that there is a lot of precision and technique that goes into achieving natural, beautiful looking results.

“The precise amount of product needed to restore each of the facial fat pad compartments that have started to show signs of deterioration is vital to correctly restore and create facial balance and harmony for the client.

I cannot stress enough the importance of consultations to conduct facial assessments and provide tailored solutions for clients so they can get the very best results possible, using the best techniques out there.”

For the last two decades, Dr Lee has provided training, guidance and mentorship to numerous doctors and nurses. If you’re a medical practitioner interested in mentorship for beginners and advanced cosmetic treatments, please contact our practice manager Sandra for more information.

Contact Sandra at Sandra@bclinic.com