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Addicted to Feeling Fresh, Part Two

Nothing in this world is better for your health and wellbeing than a big dose of self-care. That’s right, not even a hot bath with candles and a glass of Pinot Noir —although that’s one way to self-care! Before the pre-Christmas madness takes its toll we would like to offer you some helpful tips & encouragement get you started on your self-care journey.

Taking baby steps towards crafting a self-care routine will progressively help you become better at finding out what it is that makes you feel happy and refreshed. It may sound like a lot of work when you consider taking care of your canvas and your health, but you shouldn’t put a price or a limit on your own wellbeing, and you should never let anyone tell you that it’s vain to invest in a consistent beauty and/or health regime. Take care of your skin and your body and your mind in a way that suits you and be ready to reap the many rewards that come along with it.

Also, if you’re a bit short on cash, never fear! The acts of self-love and self-care do not have to come solely, or at all, from your wallet. Drink more water; go on a hike; get to bed earlier; shake your booty to Beyoncé when you hear her; YouTube that guided meditation video you’ve been meaning to but never have—release those endorphins and feel-good hormones in any way you see fit. We promise that it’ll all be worth it when you’re feeling fresh and happy.

We know what you’re thinking, because we’ve thought it before as well: “I’ve heard all of this already, so what makes you think I’m going to listen to you?” Our reply to this is simple: don’t invest in your self-care routine because an article is telling you to, do it for your own happiness, and because you care about “you”. Take charge. Be the director of your life. Forgive the cliché, but if you’re not the one taking control of your own life, there will be nobody else to do it for you. Now go do that facemask!

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